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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to this site (3 days now). I currently reside in Indiana and look forward to having some good discussions about one of my favorite pastimes.

  3. NRA TC from Kansas City, MO area

    Bruce Luedeman at Safe Shoot Professional Firearms Training I'm not new to the forum but returning after a couple of years. I have been in Adult Education for 35+ years (primarily law enforcement) and fire arms training the last 9 years. I run the NRA Pistol Instructor and Personal Protection in the Home-Instructor course twice a month. Other instructor level classes when asked. I have class rooms to rent to qualified fire arms trainers and a private range set up for training. Yes, I need to make a living but I also support the broader picture and that is to make a safer community for our families. I am happy to support other trainers who share the same view. Take Care- Bruce 816-353-6826

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    test post. looking forward in being active on this site!

  5. Hello from Plant City, Florida! I'm new to the forums, and I'm looking forward to the discussions.

  6. Greetings to All...& a special Welcome Aboard to each & every one of our latest members who've joined...Congratulations on finding one of the best sites out there (if not THE best 😎) to be able to share some of the same & not so same ideas w/ like minded individuals!
    Again...Welcome Aboard...
    aka: P3
    Keep...Yer Powder dry, Yer Mag full, & Yer Aim... DEAD ON!

  7. Oops...I forgot...Congratulations HillKing2010, on winning the contest! You Lucky Dogg...
    Keep...Yer Powder dry, Yer Mag full, & Yer Aim... DEAD ON!

  8. Hi all! This is a new forum member from Alabama. I have been a USA Carry newsletter subscriber for almost a year and have recently discovered the forums. Please keep posting, I am learning from you all. I have been a CCW permit holder for only a year. I need all the help and tips I can get.

    Safe and Happy "Packing"

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  9. Hello from Cleveland, Ohio. I've been looking for a site to just talk and read guns. I just restarted shooting after a long break because of marriage. She didn't like guns, now I go 2-3 times a month to the range to pop off 100-150 rounds. Gunpowder is back in my bloodstream and it feels good. I think I like holding a controlled explosion and being able to have the bullet go where it's pointed. That's me..see ya in the forums

  10. I like your ending thought..especially the DEAD ON..

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    Harvest, AL, USA
    Welcome aboard, 'neighbor'. Enjoying this new blog. Greetings all from Sweet Home Alabama.

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