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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Welcome to ALL! Since my last post...more have signed on/up so, Welcome Aboard!!!
    Yours in FREEDOM...
    Keep...Yer Powder dry, Yer Mag full, & Yer Aim... DEAD ON!

  3. HELLO FROM TEXAS,,new to the site..i'm male,,66 yrs. young..retired offshore electrician..2 strokes,,1 heart attack,, on ssi and disability..NRA member with ccw...WE SHOULD NOT FORGET THAT THE SPARK WHICH IGNITED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION WAS CAUSED BY THE BRITISH ATTEMPT TO CONFISCATE THE FIREARMS OF THE COLONIST....PATRICK HENERY 1776

  4. Hey there, I am ThePanda and I used to google concealed carry info and come to this site all the time when i was younger. Now I am a member and damn proud of it!

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    Hi! A newbie from the socialist state of MD. As my login implies, I am the wife of a (ret) LEO. As an outside sales rep, I have issue with my state's impossible "good and substantial". But I did move forward with a CCW from my second home state of FL. Perfectly fine until I reach DC. Oh well. Better safe in 34 states then no states. Blocking forward to learning from you all.

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    Apr 2014
    Wooster, Ohio, United States
    Good evening! I'm a newbie originally from Western Pa but relocated to Wooster, Ohio within this past year. I grew up around firearms, mostly for hunting, and will be taking a CCW class the first weekend in May. I'm looking forward to reading the forums and "meeting" you all! I will be shopping for my first handgun so am open to any and all suggestions you may have.

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  8. Another newb from Texas.
    I've been a shooter of one type or another for around 40 years. Hunting, military, sport and CC.
    I'm a big fan of the 2nd ammendment but I don't sacrifice chickens to it.
    Sent from my AN/UGC-74. Pro Patria Vigilans

  9. Hello VA boy here, lost and liven in , "a bubble," in Nor Cal. Sun, guns, and a whole lot of fun. Won't let the socialist bring me down. Long live the Republic. Good to be here. Cheers.

  10. Lots of great info here. Thanks for the site. A newbie from FLA

  11. Hello we are new here and have just expanded and moved our shop upon our 10 year aniiversay and new licenses added. Here is a little about us:

    Gunocologist, Inc. offers complete professional licensed full service gunsmithing. We are an FFL Dealer

    and Manufacturer as well as NFA - Class 3. Some of the services we offer are, Machining, Porting,

    Threading, Suppressors, Parts Fabrication, Trigger Jobs, Action Jobs, 1911 custom work for

    carry/competition, Hand Checkering, Custom AR-15 builds, Saiga Conversions, DURACOAT and

    CERAKOTE finishing, including custom camo, Custom guns built to your needs and to your physical

    characteristics. Repairs and Restoration of older or new guns, Appraisals, Consignment Sales, New Gun

    Sales, FFL transfers, Stock Work, Recoil Pads ground to fit, Sight Work, Scope Mounting & Accurizing,

    Reliability, Full Function & Safety Checkups, Detail Cleaning Services, Build your Dream Gun, or just about

    anything you can imagine! We have been in buisness for 10 years and counting, with over 20 years

    expierience. A gradutate of the Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing School in 1994 working on a

    National Level with Competition Shooters, Law Enforcement, Firearms Trainers, Civilian Marksmen and Self

    Defense/Concealed Carry.
    OUR NEW LOCATION [email protected]
    4960 SW 52ND ST #421
    DAVIE, FL 33314
    TUES-SUN 10-6PM

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