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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hi everyone new member from Arkansas great site thank ya for letting me join. Richard

  3. Hi, I'm John Wizeman and I just recently joined because I am looking for somewhere that can provide good info in regular terms on CCW across state lines.

  4. Hello from South Carolina

    Kakarote here, figured I'd say hey!
    New to pistols, soon to carry!

  5. New member from SoCal

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    Hi everyone from Michigan City Indiana looking to start local OC\CC club any one interested let me know.

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  7. Glad to be here. Thanks for the resources available at USACARRY.

  8. Good to be here, thank you everyone! We are instructors from Colorado!

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    hello, im a new user,names angelo.

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    im interested,names angelo from griffith indiana

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    intersted my names angelo,griffith indiana

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