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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. just signed on from OKLAHOMA

  3. Argh. So torqued at Sprouts supermarket today. Went to the new Sprouts in Hurst, (first time we've been to one since moving from NV) and they have the 30.06 sign up! After dutifully securing my weapon in my MV300 that I always have in the car, I sought out a manager. When I asked him why, he replied that it was company policy in their Texas stores. More ludicrous, was that he stated that he too was a CHL holder, but he chose not to carry anywhere that there might be families present. I explained to him that my family being present was EXACTLY why I needed to carry. I was debating with the wrong guy, and even though I am sure it is futile, I immediately lodged a complaint to Sprout website about their policy. (BTW, the 30.06 sign is so dark and hard to read, a case could be made for it not meeting the requirements of posting.)

  4. DOes anyone have a good solution for concealed carry of a .357 Rossi? I have had no luck finding a good holster.

  5. New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Hello there my name is Richard I've been trolling for a while a lot great information I look forward to contributing
    thank you
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  6. New poster here from the great state of Oklahoma. I have applied for ccw permit and should have within a couple weeks. Looking forward to taking part in discussions here and learning from you guys!

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  7. Hello from Minnesota. Glad to join you.

  8. Welcome!

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    Welcome to you neighbor!

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  10. Hello CC folks. As a new member let me remind us all. If you have CPL or whatever your state calls it, by all means Carry It. Just make certain you are in compliance with the laws of your state. I am a NRA Certified Instructor/Range Safety Officer for over 15 years, a Hunter Ed Instructor of 10 years and an Armed Security Officer of 10 years. I can't say this enough, "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! We'll be relocating from WA State to PA in September. Currently verifying reciprocity laws in states I will go through. Illinois is my only concern so if you have suggestions please let me know.

  11. New member from Mississippi. If you need your concealed carry permit I can be of service. Call Smith's Enhanced Firearm Training at (601)955-7971 for details.

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