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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hi nradad:

    IL allows a person (that has a CCW Permit from their state) traveling through the state to carry concealed while in their vehicle without getting a non-resident IL CCF Permit. You will have to have the firearm concealed while in your vehicle and you will need to follow IL vehicle storage law if you exit the vehicle while in IL. Feel free to contact me with any other IL questions.

    Steve Watson, Dir. of Training
    Condition Yellow Academy. Inc.
    Steve Watson, Dir. of Training
    www.Condition Yellow Academy, Inc.

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  3. Hello! Newbie formally from Georgia, now from Colorado.

  4. Hello all RN by training, paramedic by trade. I currently have my NV CCW and carry pretty much 24/7. Nice to meet you all, currently living in Las Vegas and also just join up with the ZERT Nation.

  5. Hey Steve, Thanks for the input re: Illinois travel with firearms. This definately makes me feel more comfortable traveling through your state. I'll just keep it unloaded and locked in my travel safe. Thanks again, nradad.

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    New member from Alabama.

    Certified Instructor from Birmingham.

  7. Lurker newb signing on!

  8. New guy from California.

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  9. Hello from Utah

  10. I would like to introduce myself. I am a Firearms Instructor with Freedom Firearms LLC of Eagle, Wi. We also have a website which advertises our classes and gun shows.

  11. Newbie from az.

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