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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Wish Naples was closer!

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    @SWGcowboy Come on down; we're a short 6 hour drive from GA! LOL

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    Only if you get my score above a 98 (GA law enforcement). Lol

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    Good morning from CA... I kept seeing USACarry come up on the message boards whenever I had questions about concealed carry so I decided to just go ahead and join here as well. I'm originally from VA/NC and have been around firearms my entire life. I grew up hunting/fishing/being outdoors, did a little time in the Marine reserves, and I'm also an NRA certified pistol and personal protection inside the home instructor. My wife and I spend a good amount of time in FL each year visiting her family and spending time on her fathers land just outside Gainesville and I have decided to go ahead and apply for my FL non-resident permit for such visits. I look forward to chatting with everyone and gaining some good info here....

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    Howdy partner!

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  7. Hello USA Carry,
    Newbie here from Illinois, owning FL and UT non-residential and IL residential licenses. I own H&K USP FULL, GLOCK 17 4TH GEN, AND S&W SHIELD ALL IN 9MM.

  8. Hi all, newbie from Greensboro, NC

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    New Member from East TN. Long time gun owner and CWP holder.

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    Love east TN!

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  11. Hello everyone! I posted elsewhere, cause I had a question.I'm new to shooting. I finally got my son, 23 years old, (who has an Ar 15, a CZ pistol, and a couple of shot guns) to take me to the gun shop.I decided after a couple of things happened here in Kansas City, that I needed a gun. I read everything I could possibly read, and practiced with the Glock BB gun. I'm 52 years old, female, and have shot with my dad, but I was around 15. my dad had a beautiful Smith and Wesson pistol, unfortunately he passed in 2009, and I didn't get into shooting till now. I'm comfortable with the guns, they don't bother me, as long as people are safe around them. I've taken a couple of classes and my son was impressed with my safety. My son got his conceal and carry a couple years ago, and I finally decided to get mine. We live here in Missouri. I really want to shoot. I want to shoot targets.

    Today, first time at a range, I tried a Smith and Wesson, 380, a small pistol. I shot it three times to try it. My aim was actually pretty good. It was middle of the head target, middle of the throat target. But I got incredibly nervous, and froze after that. We had to go home. Aside that I was starving, I don't know why I got jittery and froze. I don't want to do that for my conceal and carry class on October 19th. I thought I'd be okay today. Infact, I'm saving my money for the Sigsauer p238, new. But I must get a Smith and Wesson. See what I mean? Owning the gun doesn't bother me,and I will treat it with utmost safety. Shooting it, is another story. My son said I did excellent,, and it's normal to be nervous. But it was so embarrassing. The Range manager was great. But I was embarrassed. And now I'm over analyzing it. We are going back tomorrow. I want the Smith and Wesson. Then we are going to the outdoor range.

    Why did I freeze up like that? I'm determined to do this. Frustrating. Thanks!--Rhonlynn

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