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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. I'm a new member and have just received my CC permit. I'm looking forward to the varried discussions.

  3. Hello from West Central Missouri. I look forward the learning from the members. Thanks in advance!

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    Glad to be here. What's acceptable "Good Cause" to obtain CCW in Riverside. Ca.? Thank you

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    What State did you get your CCW in MCorbett1?

  6. New to Forums

  7. I am in Colorado. I recently came here from central Texas. The requirements for CC were actually less stringent than Texas, which surprised me. From the time I took the CC course (required) to having my permit was about 5 weeks.

  8. Hello from Beautiful South Carolina, Home of southern charm.

  9. Hi: I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from Southern IN and retired now. I just got into pistol shooting and enjoy going to the range. I also applied for and received my Indiana Lifetime concealed carry permit this fall 2014. I don't carry my pistol unless I'm going to and from the range. I got the permit so that I could keep my pistol with me in the front of the truck on the way to the range. One day I may buy a holster for concealed carrying my new pistol.

    As my name implies I like to hunt predators and want to try my luck at shooting some coyotes. I feel that we have too many coyotes and that they are eating too many of the other game that we hunters go after. So if I can help reduce the number of predators it will help the other smaller game populations. There will always be enough coyotes around to do their job as predators to help weed out the sick and older prey species individuals to help improve the gene pool of the prey species.

    I studied Environmental Science and Conservation of Natural Resource and graduated form Purdue University. I like to hunt and fish and go boating. I use to hunt waterfowl, rabbits, squirrels and doves when I was younger. I actually read about hunting foxes when I was in HS and got interested in shooting and hunting predators back then. I even gave a speech in class describing how to hunt and call predators into a stand. So I've been interested in this sport for over 45 years. But I've recently geared up for coyote hunting.

    I use to fish for Large Mouth Bass when I was younger and enjoyed fishing at Kentucky Lake and Patoka Lake. These days I'm more inclined to fish for crappie. They are more plentiful. I enjoy baked fish for dinner at times. My father bought a book for me called "Crappie Wisdom" and after reading that book I decided to try to dedicate myself to fishing for crappie year round and not just in the spring months. I have a nice Wildlife area nearby that has over 600 acres of lakes to fish and it's free. So I've spent some time crappie fishing these lakes over the past 10 years.

    In 2013 I got to borrow my neighbor's AR15 for about a week and I had so much fun shooting it that I finally broke down and bought my own AR15 for hunting. So since Nov 2013 I've spent more of my time shooting my guns at the rifle range. I've not fished this entire last year due to my new hobby.

    In July 2014 I decided that I needed a back up pistol for when I'm out coyote hunting by myself at night. And I could use a pistol for home defense anyway. So I decided to do some research on pistols. I finally decided after a few months of researching pistols to go with the Walthers PPQ M2 Pistol. So now I spend a lot of my time and my money shooting my new pistol. I enjoy meeting other people at the rifle range and having fun.

    I'm here to learn more about carrying a hand gun and about guns in general. I found this web site's forum while searching about gun cleaning products.

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    Hey there all,i'm a CC from Louisville KY.

  11. Hello everyone.. New to the forums, but not new to firearms. I hope to be able to receive and provide some good advice around here!

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