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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. 4Keys in FL just joined and anxious to get up to date on posts!

  3. new guy... Just activating my information.

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    New member from Rockwall, TX. Been away from all internet forums for a while. I went back to school a couple of years ago and couldn't afford the distractions. FFL/SOT, NRA instructor, TX CHL instructor located in Rockwall, TX

  5. New guy just activating information

  6. New member and a NRA instructor, although have been teaching safety / shooting for much longer but not as an "official" NRA instructor until the last couple of years.

    Looking to learn how other instructors conduct their classes (NRA and others) as well as how they interact w/ the NRA Instructor website (ie, logging classes, students, etc).

  7. Howdy, from upstate NY

  8. One the reasons why we are going to a socialist country is the government funds our schools. And brainwashs the future generations with their teachings for 12 years. Then they go to college for some more.Meanwhile we are funding it all. Doesn't seem quite right does it

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    Amen arikk! I know that is the truth.

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  10. Glad to be here...

  11. wingman883, a newbie myself, I would hope a universal (gun rights) language is spoken here!

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