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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by PEREZMPUE View Post
    wingman883, a newbie myself, I would hope a universal (gun rights) language is spoken here!
    You may be in for a shock if you assume that: there are plenty of wolves in sheep's clothing around here, heck some don't even hide it.
    welcome anyway. Enjoy.

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    Be careful when you follow the MASSES, sometimes the M is silent.

  3. Hi, new here from IL. Just got my CC license and am looking forward to learning from all you experts. Thanks.

  4. Hello test

  5. Thanks for starting this great site. I look forward to it.

  6. Hello from Indiana

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    Welcome jsvend

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    Smile New Members

    I would like to Welcome the new members that have just joined!!!!

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    Howdy new folks! Glad to have you!

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    I am a new member of this forum. I am from Texas but travel fulltime in a 5th wheel RV.

    I received my Texas CCL in February and am interested in learning much from this forum.


  11. New Member Welcome Thread 2

    I'm a newbie here- from eastern WA. Looking forward to understanding the app, and talking with some of you. :) I currently do Not Have my CPL (getting it very soon) but will be doing some traveling very soon, trough ID, NV, UT, and AZ. Any pointers you might have for me? This will mark my first road trip (out of state) with a handgun.

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