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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hi bellae, from PA - Welcome!!!! I am Paul, from the Florida Panhandle.

  3. Hi you guys, I just want to say thanks allot for being here, I am willing to be here as well. Much love, and I am honored to keep in contact with you guys. Thanks again

  4. Welcome, all new members!

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    Good to see great people doing the right thing!

  6. Hello from Vidor TX thanks for the invite. Semper Fi.

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    Hello everyone. Protective grandpa here, aka Dan Spaulding. I live in Indiana and started to carry concealed after police informed my wife and I about threats on our lives. Unfortunately the threats have come from the father of my our daughter's youngest child. My motto is better safe than sorry. I have seen excellent information on this page and look forward to seeing much more. Thanks for allowing me to sign up.

  8. Thanks for the great resources available at Concealed Carry - Resources, Maps, Forums, Articles - USA Carry. Glad to be here.

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    Hey everyone! I'm a newbie.

    New to CCW but, long time firearms enthusiast/hunter/marksmen trained by my crusty old Vietnam vet marine Dad when I was 10 (some fun stories there!) Have some questions I didn't get a chance to ask in class. Looking forward to being a member. Thanks!

  10. hello from ALLENTOWN PA.

  11. I understand that there is a bill pending,to stop ccwp clases,any truth to this, I was in the military, but enjoyed the ccwp class, learned much about the laws..I think the classes should remain. .any thoughts. .???

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