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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hi from a newbie in North Carolina.

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    Welcome to the new guys. I noticed a few questions recently in this forum on choosing a handgun and getting permits. Thought I'd mention that you're more likely to get responses in the general gun forum or state specific ones - folks mostly just say 'hi' and introduce themselves in this one.

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  5. Welcome!

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    Hello from American Tactical Systems

  7. Hiya, I am finally getting into guns in my mid 40's. I used to drink a lot and always knew that it was not a good and/nor safe to own a gun in my condition. I no longer drink and am very excited to start an intro to guns class(waiting on glasses to come in so I can get TN DL) as my first step to safely trying out guns and finding what is right for me. I do like semi-auto handguns and might start off with a .22lr of some type.

    I'm going to be on a budget to start out but safety will definitely be top priority. The reason for my first gun selection is that I'll be mainly hitting the range and this'll be the least expensive ammo wise to practice with before I move to a 9mm or whatever I choose next. I'm also in the process of moving and most know that isn't cheap to do.

    I have no fear to firing the first shot or anything like as I have shot a couple times before and was comfortable. I have read up on a bunch of different range rules and etiquette. Learning Tn laws and all else I need to know. Checking for best ear/eye protection in my price range. Pretty much everything one should know before handling a firearm.

    That's pretty much it and look forward to throwing around some words with you all.

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    Hello all!

    Noobie from the greater Raleigh, NC area. Thankful to find this forum and look forward to gleaning from your collected wisdom.

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    Hi! Newbie here and I was wondering if someone can explain to me how to start a new post, if possible. I tried looking for an existing thread but couldn't find one. Thanks!

  10. hi group newbie{rookie**from new york.a question if the constitituion/2nd amendment/bill of rights is for we the people,then how is it that a legal taxpaying american citizen from lets say new york california,aren,t allowed to purchase a firearm without going thru a lot of red tape like license bureau other fees a pre authorization form etc.if we the people our the real government,then how our these states allowed to continue this.and more important what can a legal taxpaying american citizen do about it.and yes i,v been a nra life member for many you see all states coming together so we can carry any where in the usa.i have a premise/residence license for many yrs.and there license fees our getting out of hand.and yes i have been calling mr politicans for yrs telling them what i,m telling you.thye include charles schummer kristen gillbrand grace meng.but you know how far those calls go ha ha.and lastly is there a web site beside you guys,that also has that type of information of law suits against ny or california for what i see as disregard of the constitituion.thank you and i think this is a great site for ccw and pertinet information

  11. A newbie from Florida here Just received my carry permit. Hope to become a lot smarter than I am now. As wingman says ,I like to read more than talk,get into less trouble that way LOL'

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