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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. New guy from Eastern KY

  3. Newbie from NY, Facist capital of the Northeast. At least I got my permit already.

  4. Hello all I'm everyone

  5. New member here from Indiana. I have my Lifetime License to Carry in Indiana and after some more training will be carrying more often. Looking forward to learning more here.

  6. Another new member from Indiana! :)

  7. New from California where CCW is very restricted. What is a "thread"? Hope this works.

  8. New member from Lakewood WA. Should be interesting in hearing from everyone.

  9. #6138
    Hello All,

    I'm from Florida and new to this site. I am retired Military however I have not shot a gun since 1987 and I figured in today's society, it's time to get re-acquainted with firearms again. Hoping to learn a lot from the community you have built here!

  10. Hello everyone.

    New member from NE Florida. New to carrying, semi-new to handguns as grew up with rifles and shotguns. Only did a little shooting with handguns until the last year or so. Really picked up more recently in the last 3 months give or take and am really enjoying myself and the other handgun owners that for pretty much all, seem to be a great bunch of men and women.

    Looking forward to checking out the different threads and discussions to see what's out there and hopefully picking up helpful ideas regarding anything to do with gun care, handling, building, etc...

  11. I'm new to the forum and also a Hoosier. Anxious to join the discussions. BigGuy66

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