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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    New to this forum and just wanted to say greetings from the Chicago Suburbs. Carry on.

  3. Hello from Minnesota. Just joined today.

  4. glad to be part of this community

  5. New as well, used to get the newsletter but never realized that there was a forum.
    So far, all of my posts (expect in the bigfoot gun belt thread) say that they have to get approved by a moderator. How do I get that 'fixed'?

  6. Hi, I'm new from Minnesota.

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    Feb 2016
    somewhere in the 'verse
    Hey there, new to the forums and the site. Live in SC, waiting on CWP and looking to get something to carry when I'm in the car traveling to Georgia or other places for sci-fi conventions. Army veteran, retired, divorced, two sons but one living, two grandsons, love Firefly and Supernatural.

    Now can I get to change my profile? :)

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    Hello from California! I've shot a few times but I just became a first time gun owner two days ago. Can't wait to pick up my gun in 8 days!!

  9. Hi! My name is Michelle and I am new to this site. I'm getting ready to take my CCW class. I have a S&W .380 Bodyguard, a SigSaur 9mm, and 20ga Remington 870 shotgun. Use to deer hunt, but since moving to Kans. City. MO., have not be able to. Looking forward to learning more about guns, ammo, etc.

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    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    Newbie here from Cleveland TN, glad to be a member. Looking to absorb lots of great tips and idea's for carry and conceal. Looking specifically today for any recommendations for hearing protection. Taking my TCP 738 for the first time, to an outdoor range this weekend.

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