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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    jeanramar Guest
    hello all, my name is jean, nice to know you

  3. Hi, yea I am new to all of this, I have a .357Magnum,.45 and a.9mm. Looking to gt as much training and information as I can to do this right. From SoCal.

  4. New to the site from Michigan, been lurking for a few weeks now!

  5. Greetings from Northern Va

  6. Hey guys!
    New member from the north checking in!

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    Dec 2015
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Just curious if your post's location here is a mistake?


    A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand.
    ― Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4BC - 65AD.

  8. Hello one and all, greetings from AZ

  9. Hey everyone, Alan from Texas here. Just stopping by to see what this site is all about. Look forward to gaining to knowledge from everyone.


  10. I just registered and I guess I need to make one post.

    Anywho.......I live in Santa Clara county CA and would like to have the opportunity to speak with anyone who has navigated the CCW process in Santa Clara county.

    I just completed a 4 day defensive hand gun and 1 day CCW course at Front Sight, and have applied to Nevada. The permit processing will take some time. :-)

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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