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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Greetings Humanoids!
    In the process of getting my CCW in the Golden State known now as Kalifornia.
    Our Governor wants to build a "high-speed" train from No-where in the south to No-where in the north.
    But we have no money to store or produce drinkable water. Go figure.

  3. Hello All! Just registered and saying hello to prove I am not a robot.

    -Concealment Express

  4. Instructions were to post to a newbies forum to prove my humanity. Here it is. Retired LEO living in Indiana.

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    I am a retired Process Control Specialist in power production. I bought my first handgun, a Beretta Nano is 2012. So far 1577 rounds down range. My second gun is a Ruger LCP with a LaserLite. A very reliable 585 rounds shot. My latest is a Springfield XDs.45ACP with a 3.3" barrel. I am very impressed with it and have put 175 rounds down range. I have read many glowing range reports on this gun and that is probably the main reason that I bought it.

    I am an NRA member and on my first renewal of my LTC (formally called CHL in Texas). My wife is scheduled for an LTC class on April 5th. I love to shoot but my reason for buying these guns is self defense.

    I live in the DFW area.

    Update: My wife completed her classroom training and range qualifications on 4/5 for Texas LTC. All other requirements completed. Just waiting for plastic to show up. Probably 10 to 12 weeks if we are lucky.


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    Retired Navy Chief and HVAC&R mechanic residing in a city south of the city on it's way to becoming the liberal capital of the west coast...Seattle. My EDC is the Shield9 in OWB avenger style holster or Deep Conceal shoulder rig, uptight and outta sight under the armpit.

  7. I'm pleased to be a part of this excellent forum. Look forward to gaining more knowledge each time I visit.

  8. Good Afternoon.... Newbie from Milwaukee, WI.

  9. Hello everyone , new member from Alabama !! Glad to be on here ...

    Sent from my ALCATEL A564C using Tapatalk

  10. Good morning from Bastrop Texas!
    Sorry for the late intro. I registered a few days ago and just found this thread.

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    Welcome from Arlington.

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