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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Thumbs up Not So New Gun Owner Newbie

    Hello everyone.

    I've been searching for a good forum on guns and this one sure made me happy when I found it. It was easy to register on. I'm the owner of a Smith & Wesson .22A and I must say I really love my pistol because of it's accuracy and comfort. But because of the lack of shooting ranges and being limited to shooting clay targets only, I decided to go indoors with my pistol practice after I bought a Colt Python .357 BB gun. Indoor practice is better than no practice at all unless I go 45 miles. I hope my city gets something better than what we have now that is limited.

  3. NC CCH Instructor

  4. Hi All

    Newbie to the board here. Old time gun owner/shooter. Nice to see everyone. Looking forward to learning new things.

  5. New to Forum. Looking forward to discussing different topics. Think I'll just look around for a bit before starting.

  6. Another forum noob here, just finished up on my CCP training in SC and this site was recommended highly. Longtime gun enthusiast, rifles, shotguns and pistols. My main pistol of choice right now is my S&W SS .44 Magnum 629-1. Since I will have CCP in February, I will be looking for the right auto for concealed carry.

  7. Hi!
    I am a new visitor from western NY and am appreciating the information being shared in the forums. Thanks for all your team does to make this available.

  8. Hello from SW Ohio newbie. Doing my research before wifey and I begin CC. Looking forward to learning from y'alls experiences.

  9. New member from Dallas, Texas here exchange formation looking to get great purchasing power.

  10. #6349
    Jeriko1, welcome from Arlington TX
    NRA Member, XDs45, Nano, LCP

  11. New guy here. Looking forward to joining the group. Semper Fi.

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