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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Howdy from new member from Texas

  3. Hi I am new here although I have carried quite a bit. From lincoln nebraska.

  4. Hi I am new here. from lincoln nebraska

  5. Hi,

    New to CC with many questions...hope this forum can help.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hey everyone. North half of the state of ILL (yeah, pun.)
    Hadn't touched a firearm in over twenty years, and like the majority, I decided to go "shopping" in light of the election horror possibilities, and things going *POOF* due to snowflakes, and PC SJWs. Went nuts, and made the guys at Red Dot very happy, along with enough ammo to survive any SHTF. I'm not hard core prepper, but I figure I'll go out with a *BANG*

    Former Port copper, and USCG Aux

  7. Hello. Name is John. Newb from North Alabama. Husband. Father of 4. as much of a gun-nut and survivalist as my wallet will let me be. daily driving a Honda Shadow 750.

  8. Hi I'm new here but not new CC

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    New member here. I'm only posting this to add to my post counts so I can gain more privileges with my forum profile. It's not like anyone here is bothering to reply to these silly welcome posts anyways.

  10. New to the forum.

    I am a newbie from Canada. I was brought up in Seatle. Gun laws are more restricted here.
    Happy to be in the forum.

  11. Ahh...My first official post!

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