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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Nov 2009
    Welcome all, a ton and more of useful information on these forums.

    Roaster Turkey, Utah cashed my Visa on Dec 2nd, from reading the postings, it is estimated that it takes 60 days or so to get your permit from Utah. I hope to get mine about Feb 4th, 57 days from now.

    I can't wait until I can start carring. Let me know when you get yours and how many days it took.

    Good luck. Jerry / Vyrone, same.

  3. Ref to latest Virginia shooter in their 'Gun Free Zone':
    If guns were the problem, and the citizens 'right to carry', were the problem, why isn't Vermont awash in this kind of trouble? given the laws in Vermont, and using the totalitarian leftist driven logic about guns, so prevalent in the Media, Vermont would be a bloodbath.. Noticeably, It isn't.

    NM had increasing Massacres and Restaurant Invasions, years ago. The Las Cruces bowling Alley Massacre was never solved. NM changed the State law to Certified Citizen CCW (even Gov Richardson is CCW)... End of Massacres, end of Invasions. The risk became too great...of instant retaliation from armed and trained Citizens not easily identifiable..No uniforms.

    Luby's Massacre in Texas was a wake up call for Texas. Certified CCW was the answer. Anyone see the latest Mumbai? Certified CCW is now allowed, rather than the 'stick weilding', Dystopian "Gun Free Zone' it was before it's famous Massacre. I fully understand why you have not been informed by 'The Media'. It does not fit Their Agenda of Control. One other note: Ft Hood became a 'Gun Free Zone' in about 1993...

  4. Restaurant sign

    Thank you for the new Interest in Freedom, Welcome to the organization. A sign on your restaurant entrance, "Welcome Certified CCW Patrons". Only the knowledgeable will understand. Both those few with 'intent', and better yet, those ever more present 'Sheepdogs' lingering among the Sheep.

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    Dec 2009
    Saginaw Michigan

    new member

    Saginaw Michigan,second most dangerous city in Michigan I think

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    Dec 2009
    Houston, TX


    Hello from Houston. Just got my CHL and thought that I could pick up some good info here.

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    Dallas/Fort Worth
    Quote Originally Posted by dghpts View Post
    Hi! New guy from Utah here looks like an interesting bunch to hang out with!
    Well brother? You picked the right place! Welcome aboard!
    An ARMED individual is a CITIZEN! ...An UNARMED individual is a SUBJECT!

  8. Newbie from Montana

    If it wasn't obvious by the screenname.


    Found your link in here: Top Firearm Forums

    This looks like the place to be, look forward to partaking and contributing.

    Just picked up a 70 series 1911 for myself and an LCP 380 for the wife.

    Will look around for info.

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    Thanks for the welcome, everybody. Sure, Jerry. I'll let you know when the permits arrive.
    Thanks for the tip, Blogengeezer. It's funny you should suggest a sign in my wife's new restaurant. There's a Twin Cities carry forum I found, and a there's a thread on there about businesses that have a sign posted, (often not in accordance with a "legal" posting method), banning guns from the premises. I mentioned to my wife that we could go in the opposite direction and advertise a discount to permit holders in addition to the men in uniform that already qualify. (Police, Fire, Military.) Her knee-jerk reaction with a look of horror and disgust on her face was, "I don't want of bunch of people with guns in the store all the time!"

    (Sigh.) She just doesn't get it.

    For now, I'll just slap up the NRA sticker they sent me with my new membership.

    I have a lot of work ahead of me.
    She hasn't touched the books I bought her, and we've only been to the range once since we took the instruction course. The restaurant takes up all her time. So when the Thunder Ranch Ad for a woman's video came to my in box yesterday, I jumped on it. My wife does more TV watching than reading.

    I've also found a digital subscription to American Handgunner to be a fun read for the likes of us. Check it out at FMG Publications

    Be aware. Be safe.
    Peace through superior firepower.

  10. Second try from Montana newbie...

    Tried this last night and something happened, let me post it, then deleted it, maybe it was the pic or an fng thing.

    Looks like a great forum, looking for info for the wife, just got her a LCP 380 cool little gun.

    See you around.

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    Dec 2009
    FL Panhandlefor now ADK's is Home
    Glad to be here hope there are some fellow members from the North Country

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