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    Bulk Ammo

    Anyone have a suggestion for the best site to buy bulk ammo. I am looking for 40,9 Luger and 380.
    Would like 1000 round each

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    These days you've just got to shop. The last 500 I bought came along with a pistol. Before that I bought from J&G when I was in AZ-I didn't get all I wanted but I got what they had in stock. The time before that I bought off GunBroker. Locally, ammo is expensive and often out of stock. Get a list of sites to look at and call before you order; you don't want to be backordered in this market. I've got about 4 different companies I like to stick with but lately I've had to buy from others.

    If you're curious about a company post a thread and ask before you order.
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    I have ordered from ammunitiontogo.com twice now and am very happy with the rapid service.
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    +1 for ammunitiontogo.com... but keep in mind that just like anywhere else right now they are pretty low on just about everything if not completely out. good luck!
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    Iíve gotten bulk ammo from this guy with no problems

    Ammunitioncenter GunBroker.com Auctions by Ammunitioncenter

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    I have always gotten good service from SportsmansGuide and they have most things in stock.

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    The last bulk buy I made was with Ammoman.com His prices are good. The shipping, hazmat fee, etc... is included in the price you see.

    The only problem is that right now he doesnt have much in stock, but that is because of the good prices and recent HUGE increase in sales.

    Might also check with J&G Sales. I havent purchased with them before but I have heard good things.

    Cant go wrong with cheaperthandirt.com either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    The last bulk buy I made was with Ammoman.com His prices are good. The shipping, hazmat fee, etc... is included in the price you see.
    If they are adding a hazmat fee to the price then they are ripping people off. There is no hazmat fee on ammo.
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    Here is a good site to check ammo prices. They are usually up to date. Be sure to enter your Zip before checking price.

    gun-deals.com gun-deals.com - Unbiased Gun Deals

    Price total will depend on where the ammo is being shipped from. I get most of my surplus ammo from AIM. . If I buy from Century the shipping is cheaper but because I live in FL I have to pay 7% sales tax.

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    i always found the best deals from midwayusa.com

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