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    Hunting Pistol taurus

    Ok guys i need some advice, i'm getting my tax return here soon enough and i'm gonna buy a 44mag to shoot deer with next season. i've been looking at the taurus 444 raging bull with a 8 3/8 barrel, do any of you own one or have any comments about taurus guns. i'm pretty open.

    charter arms off duty .38
    Smith and Wesson sigma .40

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    ive got one im selling on gunbroker right now with leupold scope and all handgun rest and padded case. slightly used deadly accurate. and yest if you chose to hunt deer with a pistol it an awesome choice. auction is over in less than 3 hrs

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    i just tried to search for it and i couldn't find anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpjumper101 View Post
    ~ and yest if you chose to hunt deer with a pistol it an awesome choice.~
    I can second that thought. The last little spike horn came at about 20 yards. You have got to remember.. Practice, Practice and Practice some more...
    Semper Fi

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    the item # is 121085271. the raging bull comes in 454 casull which is a .454 caliber or just basically a magnum version of the 45 long colt. meaning for practice you can use 45 long colt to save on costly ammo to put down range

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    oh ok, i saw the 454, i appreciate you giving me the heads up, but i really have my heart set on the 44mag. but i appreciate the offer/info on the gun and good luck on your auction!

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    if you are planning on using a pistol for deer hunting make sure you pay attention to the down range energy in ft lbs. i do believe there is a huge difference between the 44 mag and the 454 casull. im sure the same accuracy can be achieved from either. good luck in your search

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