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    I had wondered if anything was wrong seeing as how it had been a while sense you were here. I am really sorry to here this news. I will be keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery. I hope they catch the punk soon.
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  3. Man that sucks Tat but I am glad to here you are still with us. Prayers and best to you.
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    OMG, I agree, it doesn't sound random at all! I'm glad you are alive! Recover thoroughly and quickly! I hope that you can identify, and I hope that the LEOs can bring the BG, aka, the slimy piece of Bilge Grime, to justice! I'm hoping that you can you switch hands and maybe keep your career. Hugs!

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    Glad you are alive and hope the rehab goes quick!

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    I was wondering what happened to you, my friend. The news that you had been shot was like a kick in the groin. I had a flashback to the day I got hurt, also losing my career. I sincerely hope you are able to recoup and return to the field we share a love for. You were extrremely lucky, as the BG could just as well have shot you in the head while you were down. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. My wife and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, because I have been where you are, even if I had my leg taken out of action,the end result was the same for both of us. Take care and get well, bro.
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    whoa, baby!!

    we have disagreed on some things, but i am thankful you were not killed. the dr. word is not the last, so give it all you got in rehab. i was told i would never walk . but i walk. hopefully you were able to give P.D. nough info to get theslimeball bastard. i pray for a speedy recovery and complete use of your shooting arm. go,tatt,go!!!!

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    Until I read that I thought carrying a .45 on my strong side and two mags on the other were plenty. I reckon I will have to buy my girlfriend her own pistol, and get my .38 back.
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    Sorry to hear of the attack and glad to hear you've survived. I hope your recovery is complete.
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    Hang strong Bro!

    Tatt, get well soon Bro!

    I'm fairly new here, so I haven't gotten to know folks yet, but when I read your post I swallowed hard.

    I just quit a security job, after a kidnapping next to where I worked (small hospital)...and it wasn't so much the kidnapping itself that got to me, as the fact that it just made me think about how someone could "follow me home" as it sounds like happened to you. Perhaps endangering the family. Often security folks don't have the support (operational security) that they should from employers...as the Police DO have.

    Security can be more dangerous than police work...because often we may be peeking into a dark corner alone at 3am, with (sometimes only pepper spray) no immediate backup (10-15 minutes away, if that quick!)...and yet someone may still want to shoot you just because of the uniform.
    And sometimes even, that threat can come from within where you are working.
    Typically we guard folks/places that can be just as bad as the "bad guys" (internally).

    Combine that with the fact that often security is treated with little respect (often called "rent-a-cops" or "cop wannabes") by many folks, makes it a very dangerous and unappreciated job (usually for very little pay!).

    Tatt, I of course can't speak to it being the end of your career, but I can speak to it being a often "thankless" career.
    I am very thankfull you were not KIA!

    I myself (hopefully) got out before anything "followed me home", and I currently look at it (my situation) as having been a great "tactical" learning experience, but not one I want to return to.
    It has made me well aware of the threats, and more respectful of the precarious situation most security folks find themselves in just trying to feed the family (or such).
    With the faltering economy, it will only get worse.

    I learned what I needed to learn from the experience, and about myself. (turns out I'm brave enough).
    Gained a ton of practical/tactical experience and thinking.
    But, I will never put myself (and family) in that situation again.

    Think of it this way:
    A soldier in Iraq or A'stan deals with "operational security" in their "area of operations"...but they have plenty of folks for backup (usually) and sometimes get a slight break from the everyday threat when they go home on leave. Maybe home to their family. It's been decades since our families were threatended in a true war zone. (excepting 9-11, of course)

    Cops and Security never get that break. You work and live in your "area of operations". It's a 24hr OPSEC thing...and it can very possibly "follow you home" and threaten your family.
    Often your family is there in the same area (or very near) your "operations".
    Only when the towers fell did "war" come home to us (so-to-speak), but Cops and Security (and FF and EMT) live that threat 24/7/365 for themselves and their family.

    Get well soon, get back to the range, and give some serious thought to ever going back to that stuff anytime soon.
    Stand strong, Brother. There are some other ways (I'm finding) to make a difference.
    Sheepdog, yes! But from now on: ONLY for my own family (or so I currently think, anyway!).

    PM me if you need other ideas(or just to trade "war stories" or BS)...I've been doing much thinking...and have got many.
    Stand strong for yourself and family, Bro!
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  11. Tat,
    Im sorry to hear about this. Were you shot because of your security job or was this actually at your apartment?

    I wish you a speedy recovery and am thankful that you werent killed.

    I have to ask... were you CC'ing or OC'ing?

    I ask because you now obviously know that if a bad guy wants your gun... He can get it either way.

    Glad you're OK though for sure.
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