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    I'm Back!

    Most of you have probably noticed that I have not been on here in almost two weeks. I have been hospitalized since January 17; I got shot in my upper back and lost the use of my right arm. Here is the story as I have it posted on another forum to which I belong:

    Hello, everyone. I'm posting this thread to tell everyone about a recent incident that effectively ended my security career.

    At approximately 2345 on 16 Jan, I had just left my post at the check cashing store where I was employed. My plan was to head to my apartment, which is located just across the street, check my mail, drop off my newspaper and the tupperware container in which I had brought my lunch, and head back out to my next gig, which is as a bouncer at a nightclub.

    Anyway, as I was approaching the entrance to my apartment complex, a guy wearing dark clothing was walking in my direction. As we passed each other, when he got behind me, he turned around and shot me. Even though I was wearing level III body armor underneath my shirt, the bullet hit me right above it, next to my shoulder blade. I fell to the ground in a heap, my right arm (which is my shooging arm), crumpled in a heap next to me. The perp proceeded to disarm me, and since I could not move my right arm (otherwise, I would have returned fire) I had no choice but to show him how to remove my firearm (a Glock 22) from the level III holster in which I was carrying it. After disarming me, the perp ran off; at no point did he ask for my wallet or even attempt to get it himself.

    I was able to get right up, and I searched on my duty belt for my cell phone, which I was unable to locate. I was able to gather up my things and get inside and up to my apartment and used the phone in there to call 911. The police arrived first, and the responding officer took me downstairs to wait for the ambulance to arrive. Upon getting down there, I learned that another woman who lived in my building was sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot when the incident happened, and she also called the police. She also located my cell phone and returned it to me when I got downstairs.

    I was admitted to the hospital at 0020 on 17 January, where, after a CT scan was done on me, it was determined that I get transferred. I was transferred to the hosptial's southern campus at 0630.

    I just got released today. During my 11 day stay, I had the bullet, which was lodged in the front of my neck, removed, and I began physical therapy to regain the use of my right arm. So now begins a rigorous regimen of physical therapy. I'll keep everyone updated.

    While I am at times bitter about the end of my career and my independence being taken away from me, I'm just happy to be alive, and happy that the guy didn't hurt me worse than he did.
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    Tatt, glad you made it out alive!! I was wondering what happened to you and regretfully, the thought did cross my mind that you might have indeed been shot! I think security detail is way more dangerous than police work!

    Man the dirtbag got your piece too! Sucks big time!!!! I hope they catch the scumbag and recover your G22. The BG certainly doesn't need it!!!

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    Speedy recovery man, hope you catch the bastard somewhere down the line
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    Glad you are back!

    I'm glad you are alive. Listen up to the docs and medical types. Hopefully you will recover well enough to be on the range again.

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    Tat, glad to hear you are recovering. Hope your PD has a high arrest rate and that they recover your property soon.

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    Best Wishes, Get Well Soon!

    "Common Sense" gun laws. Common sense tells me that the gun didn't carry itself to the crime scene and pull it's own trigger. Punish the criminals, not the guns!

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    Our Prayers

    I am glad to hear your talking and walking. Our Prayers and thoughts are with you. Let us know what we can do for you..
    Semper Fi

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    Tat, man I'm so glad that you are recovering. It could have been a lot worst. Keep us updated on your recovery and the dirtbag that shot you. You'll be in my prayers for a quick and complete recovery!
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    Unhappy Oh man, I am SO SORRY that this happened to you.

    It sounds to me like this was hardly a crime of convenience. While you sound like the type to maintain pretty good situational awareness, it is hard to defend against someone who is hunting you. I, like everyone else, wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Remember, just because a doctor says it is permanent doesn't make it the truth. Work hard and get it back.

    Reading your account has also decided me on carrying a BUG easily accessible for a weak side draw. I guess I had better start practicing a bit more, as well.

    Nice to see the effectiveness of the gun laws. I guess, when the criminals want guns, their next stop will be US.

    BTW, Tatt, do they know what kind of bullet they took out of you? Did you at least get to keep it?
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    Good argument for a BUG. Guess I'll have to start carrying one, too.

    Tat, when I worked Security in Bowling Green KY, my boss was shot in the head by a .38 from close enough that the muzzleflash singed an eyebrow. (The BG was his BIL so situational awareness was down). He was back at work both on the family's dairy farm and in the security company's office within 4 months. Keep your morale up, and know we're pulling for you.

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