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    There is a war brewing on the streets of America. A decidedly one way war in which criminals are committing violent crimes against the "people" of the United States. These criminals need to be destroyed by any meens possible.

    I have news for you, a violent offender is back on the streets sooner than a person caught with CDS is.

    Prison isnt bad for these people, they get cable tv, 3 meals a day, dont have to work, money every month for "gang pay." every medical bill paid in full, get to hang out and play basketball all day, and enjoy the fact that they have more rights than their victims do.

    There is even "status" for these offenders for committing "serious" crimes against society.

    So yeah, I wish the dude that got robbed had shot that tango like the enemy combatant he is.

    Or maybe it is 0430 in the morning and I have just gotten off work at a maximum security prison.

    Rant over
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