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    My CZ P01 has a 12 pound DA trigger, but I think it's way overkill :/
    If only the p229 fit my hand, Sgt! I'd love to have that DAK trigger.
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    I won`t let any stories scare me from making a decision about any gun.i was just curious to hear all sides of the spectrum and understand as sarge stated,everyone has to do what works best for them.I understand and respect his answer and didn`t want him to post it to get flamed by anyone.I still am interested in buying one and more than likely will.Once i save enough that is.:)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. SIG View Post
    JC40, I'll answer your question at the risk of opening a can of worms.

    A good friend of mine, who is a career police officer and now CCW instructor, witnessed another experienced officer accidentally shoot himself in the thigh with a Glock 23. He is lucky to be alive and will never walk normally again.

    It was winter and he was wearing a jacket with a draw string at the waist with those barrel type string keepers. As he holstered his weapon, apparently that barrel keeper found it's way in to the trigger guard so as he pressed the weapon in to the holster his Glock fired.

    Being told about that incident from a first hand witness started me thinking about what I consider now to be a dangerous aspect of the Glock design and what I also consider a safety hazard. No safety other than that trigger which is too easily defeated!

    I'm sure there are those who will read this who will want to jump in and attack the shooter etc. etc. Again, I am posting this as a courtesy to JC40's request. NOT to debate the issue. I simply no longer feel safe carrying a Glock... that's just me. I still have a Glock 27 but am very likely going to sell it as I never carry it anymore.

    So JC40, there ya have it bro! ;) ~ Sarge
    I'm with you Sarge. I dumped mu Glock for an XD. My carry is a Kahr PM 9 and I love it. But I am thinking about dumping it for either an S.A or a XD. I just don't trust those guns with no safety. (And don't bother to argue Glockistas. I don't care if you think Glock or any other gun has 187 safeties, if all that it takes to shoot them is to pu;; the trigger, they don't have a safety.

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    I'm basically a Sig and Springfield man when it comes to autoloaders. I've always heard a lot of love them or hate them talk on the Glocks. When I go to my indoor range tommow I'll borrow one and blow through a box of ammo.

  7. You can have all kinds of safeties, or none at all. Revolvers have none.
    There will always be those who will shoot themselves!

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    The reason I like the Glock is that it's reliable, has the fewest moving parts of any pistol of similar size, and the trigger pull is the same every time which makes it a perfect personal defense gun. The one thing odd about the glock is that it's ergonomic design has the barrel elevated in a natural grip extension. Meaning if you hold the gun naturally in your hand like any other pistol the barrel will tend to be tilted upwards slightly. It takes a little getting use to.
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    The best safety is between out ears.

    You can have all of the safetys in the world or none, but if you do not use the one between your ears nothing can be guaranteed safe.

    spc ;)
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    I believe i have settled on the glock 30.I like a 45 and the gun feels good in my hand.It is small enough to conceal well and is not heavy at all,so it shouldn`t be bulky for carry.Now it is time to shop around and save some money.

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    glock handguns

    I have owned a Glock for 7 years now. I started out with the model G30 subcompact .45 ACP and have just recently traded it in for the full sized model G21 .45 ACP only because the G21 fit better in my large hands and was easier to reload quickly during IDPA competition. They are highly accurate right out of the box and very dependable. Someone posted that they were paranoid about all the safties (9) that the Glock had. There are only 3 safties and they are all internal and are all operated by the pull of the trigger. No external levers or buttons to manipulate before firing the gun, yet it is extremely safe as most modern handguns are these days. I think your best bet is ask some friends to try theirs or rent one if you can..

    Good luck.
    Be safe, shoot straight and have fun!!

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