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  1. If one was really worried about a glock going off ad the triger block is a neat little thing....

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    I have a Glock 19. It is not my main carry gun but I still think it is a good weapon. What I like about it is it is simple. I carry a HKP2000 now but I have the Glock, a Sig and two Walthers all in 9mm. Only one of them has an external safety. If and when I have to use my weapon I want as little to have to think about as necessary but it still be safe to carry. That is one reason I do not like single action autos.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    Glocks aren't my favorite weapon, mainly because of their weight distribution. They just feel awkward in my hand, and I can't get a good sight picture holding one. Same thing with the Springfield XD line. I'm also from the school of thought that the more "features" something has, the more likely one is to break and cause the equipment to fail. I'm sure that Glock's reliability is paramount, but I just get paranoid that one of those 9 or so safety features that it has will hang up.....but that's just me being paranoid.
    My problem with Glocks is those nine safeties. As far as I'm concerned any gun which goes bang just by pulling the trigger has no safeties at least none that matter. But I'm probably paranoid too. I had a Glock and traded it for an XD 9. The addition of the grip safety just makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

    Having said that, my always carry gun is Kahr PM 9 which also goes bang just by pulling the trigger. It seems to me that my 1911 with both thumb and grip safeties is the safest.

    My paranoia leads me to do a dumb think with my Kahr. My IWB holster is good and tight. Takes some shoving to get the gun in it. I always wonder of something caught in the trigger might be causing that. Theres nothing there, (except the thought) Anyway, for that reason I never carry one in the chamber. Yeah, I know it's stupid. I practice the Israeli draw but I still know it's slower.
    No knocking Glocks. It's just me.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by JC40 View Post
    I believe i have settled on the glock 30.I like a 45 and the gun feels good in my hand.It is small enough to conceal well and is not heavy at all,so it shouldn`t be bulky for carry.Now it is time to shop around and save some money.
    Sounds like a good choice JC40! Just remember...


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    Blocks are well made handguns, that will take all kind of abuse and keep shooting, BUT I will never own one as I think they are ugly, un-safe, and have a bad grip angle.

    But then that's just me.

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  8. Getting a Glock, or any other firearm, is a personal choice. What may work for someone else may not work for you. When I first started getting into guns for personal defense, about 12 years ago, I didn't like Glocks. But, then they came out with Gen 3 frame and they didn't seem so bad, but I still wasn't that big of a fan of them.

    Later I wanted a small handgun and eventually choose the G27. At the time I all ready had a Sig 226 and a HK USP Compact. As time went on and I changed Departments I was issued a G22 and I started to like them. I have since changed Departments, for the last time, and I was given a choice of G17 or G19. I went with the G17 because it was bigger. I have since become a big fan of them. So much so that I have sold my Sig and HK and ended up buying more Glocks. I now own four Glocks plus the one I'm issued. I hope to get more.

    They have got to be one of the most reliable and durable handguns out there. I think that has got to be one of the most important things a person should check into when getting a gun for personal defense.

    I know there is a lot of things said about Glocks being unsafe. To me the gun isn't unsafe, it's the person that is handling it that is unsafe. Some people think Glocks are ugly and don't use them for that reason, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if asthetics are what you are using to decide on what gun you use for personal defense, then you need to get a new Mindset.

    I don't use Glocks because they are pretty or ugly, I use them because it works everytime I pull the trigger, they require less maintenance than other guns, I'm accurate with it, the magazines hold a lot of ammo, the smaller Glocks will take magazines for bigger Glocks, there are a lot of accessories for them thus making them cheaper and easier to get, and Glocks are more in the middle to lower end of the price scale, although this depends on your area.

    For me Glocks are about as perfect as a gun as you can get. Again that is for me, I realize this is not so for everyone. So go to a gun store that has an indoor range and that rents handguns. Shoot the ones you are interested in and then decide which one is the best for YOU. YOU are the one that is going to have to live with the decision.

    I am actually looking for a gun store that has Glocks, XD's, and M&P's so I can try them side by side each other to see which one like and if it ends up not being the Glock, then I just might get rid of the Glocks and go with the other that I like better.
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  9. After market for glocks is like 1911's and prices are about the same. Box stock 1911 about $6oo. Im seeing some pretty pricey custom G locks out there.

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