Smart Gun - Good or Bad?

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Thread: Smart Gun - Good or Bad?

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    Smart Gun - Good or Bad?

    I wouldn't buy one and don't like the idea of any law having to use them. I just got an email from my mother asking me about them so I sent her some info I found on them. I just wanted to start a discussion about them to see what you think.

    The smart gun has been criticized by both the gun-rights and gun-control groups. One argument is concerning the use of technology with little testing in the field in a machine where a delay or malfunction of chips could cost lives rather than save them. This issue is such a concern that the New Jersey law on smart guns exempts police departments from having to buy them. Which defeats the purpose of law enforcement officers using them in the first place. Smart guns show a lack of reliability, they do not always identify and allow the authorized user, the best examples show a successful performance only 80% of the time.

    Moreover the National Rifle Association (NRA) and dozens of other gun-rights groups oppose any law - like the one intended to be passed eventually by New Jersey state - that mandates the sale of only such smart firearms instead of leaving the choice to the buyer. Firearms experts note that the biometrics factors are subject to change due to owner fatigue, aging, illness, injury and failure to place the fingers in the same exact place each time the pistol is held.

    Some gun control groups, such as the Violence Policy Center, are concerned that it might increase gun sales, given the newfound sense of security. But given the increased cost of a "smart gun" a sudden surge in gun ownership is unlikely. Other gun control groups and individuals are more interested in "no guns" than "smart guns".
    Nonetheless, the smart gun may become more common with advances in technology increasing its reliability.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    They are a good way to get killed

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    Yea, working 80% of the time doesn't sound that great to me!

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    If you look at the way the laws trying to require them, you see in a hurry what a bad idea they are. They always exempt law enforcement. If they are not reliable enough for law enforcement/military, they are not reliable enough for private citizens.

    Of course they don't exist, and they are nothing more than a tool for the anti-gun, anti-freedom bunch to price guns out of the reach of the regular citizen.

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    If I ever get incapacitated my hope is someone near me would pick up my firearm and dispense of the BG. Couldn't happen with one of those.
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    Very bad idea.
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    "The right to buy weapons is the right to be free."--A.E. van Vogt

    When 'smart guns' get as good as the ones in "The Weapon Shops of Isher" I'll be willing to discuss the subject.

    Given current technology it's a simple "No."
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    Very bad idead! 80% of the time they work? C'mon.... not even worth the time or the money. I love how anti groups are afraid this will surge firearm sales. Hilarious what they are afraid of!
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    sounds interesting. I wouldn't want one even if they improve the technical flaws. Not a fan of any laws making it a required feature. I don't think this has a chance of becoming a reality nation wide.
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    Smart gun?

    The antis blame inanimate objects (guns) for killing people. Now they suddenly want to have "smart" inanimate objects to kill people?

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