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Thread: What To Do When Your Doctor Asks About Your Guns

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    Like Nancy Reaganís old canned phrase quotes. JUST SAY NO. Thereís another old saying ď a lie is as good as the truth if you stick to itĒ.
    That sort of thing is nobodyís damned business these days! Of course if you are beginning down the Alzheimerís tunnel and youíre acting erratic itís time to consider doing the sensible thing in these regards . Still you donít need some officious sort forcing your hand either. You should be sensible enough to do the right thing yourself.

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    Physician Poll
    Should Doctors Ask Patients With Dementia About Gun Ownership?[/B]
    Patients with dementia who have guns may be a danger to themselves or others, but guidance on discussing this matter are lacking, and some patients may be offended when questioned. Are you for or against asking patients with dementia about gun ownership?
    79% For, 21% Against
    ďAn armed society is a polite society.Ē

  4. I would just play dumb, honestly. it is better to just lie for a moment and say 'no. I do not have any guns at home.' than to go into a full debate about how they're violating my rights or something.

  5. Never been asked

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