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    Question A parental job, not school curriculum.

    Great idea! Teach kids about gun safety in school, of course heavy on guns can kill. Then kid goes home while parents are watching Pulp Fiction or goes to movies where even PG-13 action flicks involve GG's & BG's getting capped, or kid goes to bedroom and boots up the play station and shoots anything that moves in 3-D splat-o-vision. Mixed messages! IMHO it is the responsible gun owning parent(s) who decides what and when (or even if) to teach their kid(s) all they know at a pace that starts with your local laws about guns (pop-quiz), 'table drills' on basic functions/assembly/clearing/cleaning, then moves to a range and then as kid (hopefully) turns into a responsible armed youth/teen he/she will learn what their parents ingrained into them, not what Hollywood, T.V. or Play Stations portray the very worse of what guns can be used for. Keep gun safety out of schools (most states would prolly teach some version of a 'Brady' all guns are bad for kids & kill innocents spin) and hope they don't learn how to use a Saturday night special .38 from their gang-banging methed-out homies!

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