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I was leaving our gun club one afternoon. It was pleasant out and I decided to go for a walk in the woods behind the club. I followed the trails out a ways. A large black area was a reminder of someone's carelessness, about an acre of burned woods. It had been that way about a month. I thought I'd look for some antler sheds and went way back near the swamp edge where there's oaks, and just as I walked over the top of a hill, I saw a guy, maybe 19 years old, all alone, and he was lighting a dead oak branch on fire on a fallen tree. The dead grass was catching as well.

He was taken by surprise when I asked "What are you doing?" to which he said "Lighting a fire." I told him to put it out, and he had a bottled water which he splashed on the branch and stomped out the flames in the grass. I said what did you do that for? and he smartassed me saying that he "Felt like it." So I said come on with me, I'm turning you in. When I said that he reached inside his jacket to a sweatshirt pocket, and I went on defense mode, took a step back and turned my right side away from him and put my hand on my Walther, but that was where I stopped to see what he was doing. Mind you, were in the middle of the woods and this guy's bigger than I. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lit one and started walking toward the club, and I followed. He had no idea how close he came to getting dusted.

When we got almost to the club, he said "It was nice meeting you, and took off through a swamp toward a road. It was the first time ever I didn't have my cell phone on me, and I ran for the club, which was about a quarter mile. The treasurer was pulling in the lot and I used his cell to call police and they went to head him off at the road. When I got there, they had someone fitting the description to a T, but it wasn't him.

The police had me bring the fire fighters back to the site, and I showed the water bottle to the cop telling him the kids prints were all over it, but he wasn't interested. Probably too much paper work for him. Sure pumped up the adrenalin.
I understand. That event last Sunday really brought into focus for me that "Anytime, anywhere you may find your life in danger." Never again will I allow myself to go to Condition White in public.