Operation Mag Drop - Drop A Magazine For Gun Rights
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Thread: Operation Mag Drop - Drop A Magazine For Gun Rights

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    Operation Mag Drop - Drop A Magazine For Gun Rights

    Hi, I’m Tom Gresham. This is another one of my “why not?” ideas. If you have heard my radio show, “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk,” you probably won’t be surprised. If you haven’t heard the show, check out Gun Talk.

    Basic Concept -- Gun Owners and shooters are demonized by the media to the point where the public doesn’t really know us. We’re the good guys and good gals who own and use guns responsibly.

    Point Two -- We all have gun magazines around the house. I’m talking about the kind you read, not the kind you load with ammunition. What to do with them?

    Action Item -- Give them away. Think of it as “house clearing,” and it’s a form of “missionary” work. Waiting rooms are perfect. Doctor offices, hair dressers, barber shops, or anywhere there are stacks of magazines for people to read. I suggest crossing out or cutting off your name and address from the cover. Don’t ask for permission. Just add a couple (or more) to the pile.

    What’s the point? To show that shooting is fun. To offset the anti-gun hysteria in the media. Maybe to even bring some new shooters to the range. To get rid of the clutter at your house??

    Gun owners always ask what they can do to help gun rights. Taking someone shooting is a good start. Spreading the word can’t hurt. That’s what Operation Mag Drop is about.

    Thanks for stopping by. Spread the word.



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    Very clever.... I like it!!!

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    I've got quite a pile of magazines around the house, and I'm always at the doctor's office (cholesterol, blood pressure). This is a great idea, since MY doctor's lobby is full of golfing and women's magazines. It really needs some quality reading material.
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