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Thread: Applying for Concealed Carry Permit

  1. The secret to many of thses gun license issues is that they really donít want you to have it. No surprise right, especially in one of the ďStanís ď. So in comes the hoops to jump through and costs. They are there to deter you of course. Remember also that this hindrance works for most applicants. They say screw it and give up exactly as intended.
    Persistence pays as they say . Go through the ridiculous motions, jump the hoops and unless thereís something like a domestic violence or criminal conviction in your past youíll Applying for Concealed Carry Permitusually prevail. Just never expect it to be ď easyĒ. Beat them at their game!
    When you doApplying for Concealed Carry Permitprevail do go and take one of those CC classes. You will surely learn a lot about and particularly what NOT to do. Those nots cover about 95% of any situation you will ever find yourself in trust me. Those courses are at the least a good refresher and or training even for retired LE types like me.

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  3. How long does it take to get the application back

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Antonio l james View Post
    How long does it take to get the application back
    Ooh boy , thatís all over the place. Here in NY it has always taken 6 months. Why you ask. Because the judges always sat on them for that long more or less before handing it to the state cop who got to review it and do the issuance. So all in all itís a big who knows according to local practice. Iíd suggest you get ahold of that cop that advised you to change your reasons for applying. He could give you the best advice. Just donít make yourself a PITA in the process. You definitely donít want to hint at some Applying for Concealed Carry Permitneed if you get my drift.
    I see your point on carrying a piece in the woods of Commyfornia. We had a local guy here who owned 3 lumber yards retire in 2013 after busting his hump forever. He took his dream retirement hiking vacation hiking all over California and came back dead. He ran into a couple of those infamous predators that wear pants out in the Bush. No way Iíd go way off and away from the heavily traveled places without a piece over there on the Left Coast.
    Keep the faith, theyíll get to you. If there was an all out ban that cop you spoke to would have told you ( hopefullyApplying for Concealed Carry Permit). Keep the faith.

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  5. Usually if you need to state a reason that means you ain't getting it. Unless you know someone or literally have a work related need etc you are probably SOL.

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  6. I took a CC course last Sunday. 8 hours. It was good. Fantastic Instructor. This summer he is holding a few Small Arms Courses. I am planning to take 1 or 2 of them, then I will go back to the sheriffs office to finalize my CCW license.
    So far I have 2x sent s word doc with my reason for wanting a CCW license and they have "balked at me". I mentioned this last Sunday and asked the other 18 students their thoughts. We have 2 companies. My smallest sales item is $50,000 and goes into the hundreds of thousands. When I go to the bank with a check, they all said "It's currency" , it's not a check. We will go for it.

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