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  1. I am sure if you went to see old TED or HILLARY they would help you out. LOL West (By Gawd) Virginia is a pretty good state to live in gun wise. Go in pick it out, pay for it, wait about 5 min. for a background check, buy some ammo. and go.
    The only thing I am getting pi$$ed about is I have been waiting 31 days for my CCP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    That does suck. Just another example of how the laws only hurt and make things complicated for the law abiding. If they are going to have a law like that they should have someone as a backup in cases like this. Waiting 3 weeks to get a gun you've paid for sucks.

    Then again you can move to Florida! We are always looking for more law abiding gun friendly people down here. If you have your permit you walk out of the dealer's that day with your new baby. No waiting. No having it added to your permit.

    Oh and we don't have that cold white stuff that falls from the sky either!
    which is why I only lasted 2 weeks in florida:) NO SNOW!!! how in the world can I go snowboarding without snow?? lol:)

    that really does suck. I have a list of states I would never live in... and NY is on there for their idiotic gun laws.. good luck! hope it happens sooner than they said.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    And i thought we had it bad here in Massachusetts... We can only purchase a pistol if the specific model you want is on the AG's list AND it has certain "Safety" features... You also need to have an LTC, but once you go through the pain and suffering to get one, there are no silly "waiting periods" and no "one gun a month" restrictions.

    They do have their share of quirky laws though... you need to have your guns in a "locked container" when you transport in your car. I just bought 2 brand new stripped lowers yesterday and i had to put them in a locked case to take them home!

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    you know i gotta say, its nice hearing from welcoming people every once in a while, i put up a post like this and within 3 days i have 4 invites to peoples houses haha. thanks for the encouragement guys, and if i'm every traveling at least i know i don't gotta pay for a hotel lol.

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    You can come to ohio. You dont need a permit to buy a gun or carry one unless it is concealed. although, i dont think open carry in Cleveland is a hot idea. :)
    Good Luck on the wait.

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    That's why I love Arkansas..No permits even, just walk in, fill out the yellow sheet, and walk away with your new piece.

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