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    If my brother gifted me a gun would it be legal for me to carry it concealed or open in my home and on my property? It would be for home use only and never taken into public or off my private property. I ran into a crazy meth head that was extremly violent in my garage a few weeks back and having a handgun on me at all times while I'm at home would make me feel alot more at ease after that. Btw I would not have **** that person if I had a gun at the time because he came at me with his fists not a weapon but if he had a weapon or a gun I would have no second thoughts. I'm not no violent person that just wants to hurt somebody unless it would be totally justified. The reason I dont get one myself is because I have severe social anxiety disorder and I honestly never leave my home. I cant bring myself to leave my own property. I recive ssi for my social anxiety as well so I didn't know if that would play a part in it. I've never been charged with a violent crime or anything like that and I haven't been deemed as incompetent by a judge. Like I said it would stay on me at home only. I just dont want a cop to drive down the road and happen to see a pistol under my shirt and take me to jail for carrying on my familty owned property. I'm in the state of INDIANA btw. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  3. You might consider a can of bear spray. Lots of range 20’ and no stream so you have to hit them in the eyes. A nice big blast guaranteed to turn some hype into a whining mess and you won’t get arrested for defending yourself. That way you won’t have to sweat the permanent consequences of a gun.

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    Can you legally own a gun?

    Will your brother follow all the laws of your state if he 'gifts' a gun to you? Is it legal for your brother to "gift" you a gun, without going through any background checks, FFL transfer, etc. I'm sure in some states this could also get your brother in legal trouble.
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    Indiana has pretty good laws for carrying a firearm. Get a permit. Do some research & find out if you need a permit to purchase. In MI. a CPL serves as your back ground check. We also have registration of pistols too.


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