Scary incident today
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Thread: Scary incident today

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    Scary incident today

    A couple hours ago, my roomate, my brother and I were sitting in my room talking about guns (like usual.) So my roomate goes and grabs his WASR-3 from his room, and starts cycling rounds through it to demonstrate a point to what we were talking about. I am half-way paying attention, when suddenly his rifle discharges into the floor about 18" away from my foot!!!
    Everyone was ok, (besides ringing ears) the round went into the concrete-board in my floor and besides a hole in my carpet, nothing was damaged too bad. We went to the neighbor's house and explained what just happened, to avoid a police visit, and he said he didn't even hear it.
    Talking to my roomate about it, he says he knew there was one in the chamber, but "his finger might have accidentally pulled the trigger." He also said he had a few drinks earlier.
    I was about to go to bed, but now I'm all shaken up. First time I've been on the other side of the muzzle. Thank God nobody got hurt.
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    1. IDIOT!


    Stay away from discussing anything with THAT idiot!

    Glad you're OK.
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    All I can say to this accident is that he needs a gun class again and most of my life I was told over and over never to point any type of wepon except at a target you are going to shoot at.
    Sorry about what happened

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    44 are damn lucky he didn't take your foot off. When my husband was a lot younger and still in the Army, him and a buddy went out target practicing as Mike had an arsenal at his disposal. When they came back my husband was sitting on the floor, legs pulled up and cleaning and checking each weapon. Mike, thinking he had the weapon that was unloaded, as he had two of the same type, was looking at it and pulled the husband Mark said that once they could hear again he suddenly felt a throbbing pain in his left foot, looked down and there was blood and a hole in his shoe. The weapon had a Glaser (glazer?) safety slug in it, it had caught the inside of his shoe, went down into the top of his foot and out the bottom of his instep, blowing a hole all the way through. He was in the hospital for about 8 days, I had to learn to pack the wound for him twice a day and had to get over watching sterile saline go through that hole to drip out the bottom!! Had he been aiming higher, I would be a widow right now. Mark does have some permanent damage to that foot and it will never be the same nor will he ever have a boring x-ray like we is still loaded with the pelleted shot that was in that round.

    Slap your friend around some and tell him what a f*cktard he was!! Glad your okay!

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    that must have kinda sucked... firstly.. if he knew a round was in the chamber why the hell was his finger anywhere near the trigger?? one should never put their finger on the trigger unless they check and recheck if the firearm is clear.
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    Glad no one was injured. Yeh, I'd say He needs to go back to class .
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    Not good. Glad no one was hurt. You might want to talk to him about gun safety and mixing drinking and guns.
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    While you're at it, invest in some "snap caps" or similar "dummy ammo" that you can use to "demonstrate" or "checK" stuff in the future. Your friend needs a good slap to the head if he doesn't comprehend how bad this incident could have turned out.

    Glad we're not reading about you in the newspapers, and nobody was hurt.

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  10. Two things that don't mix....booze and guns. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

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    Sorta reminds me of my roomate, we were having a small gathering at my house a few months ago and the discussion turned to firearms. A friend we had over said she had never held or shot one, so I went and got my G22 from the bedroom. Unloaded it, checked the chamber, etc.

    I have a rule that I will not tell someone "it's unloaded", they have to properly check it themselves. I also will not accept someone else saying "its unloaded" when handed to me, I check it myself!

    Long story short, I demonstrated how to check the chamber and magazine on the Glock for a bullet, let her see the difference between a loaded chamber and unloaded chamber, and a magazine with a bullet in it and without a bullet in it, as well as let her hold the bullet.

    After retrieving the bullet, I handed her the weapon and she started looking at it without checking to see if it was loaded, my #1 rule that I had JUST discussed with her! Well, that being said, I mention it, and she has trouble locking the slide back. My idiot roomate grabs the gun and says, "Just do this", and demonstrated his stupidity. He loads the mag, racks the slide, and with his had OVER the ejection port, racks the slide again real quick, explaining that this will clear a round out of the chamber. He then said it is safe to point the firearm in a safe direction and "dry fire it." BANG!!!!

    ... Thank God it was in a safe direction. I no longer let this moron handle my weapons. My bedroom door is latched shut with a $30 lock when I am not home.
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