Can I legally purchase a firearm?
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Thread: Can I legally purchase a firearm?

  1. Can I legally purchase a firearm?

    I'm in Kenosha Wisconsin. I want to purchase a firearm for home defensive. I have no criminal history and never tried a drug. However I ask because years ago after some horrible news in my personal life and losing my job a few months apart, I was voluntarily placed on suicide watch for one night. I left on my own choice the next morning and I wasn't in a hospital, it was the Kenosha KARE center, more like a half way house. Five years later I am on anti depressants. I'm on SSI and SSD disability.. Can attempting to purchase a firearm legally negatively affect my disability payments? Am I legally allowed to purchase a firearm for home defense given my history? Thanks.

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    First, let me say congrats to not letting the events pull you down completely. With that being said, as long as you were not clinically diagnosed as mentally unstable and can answer no honestly to all questions on the 4473, I don't see why would not be able to purchase a firearm. It should also have nothing to do with your SSI or disability. My daughter is disabled and purchased a firearm with no issues.

    Best of luck to you sir!

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    Ditto. This shouldn’t mean anything derogatory for you.

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