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    It depends. Only my G23 is at the immediate ready. If I have time I will use my 12G 870.
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  3. Mossberg 12ga pump....18 inch barrel. We're all upstairs at night. My goal would be to meet them at the door/window as they try to enter. I don't like the thought of putting a hole in the neighbors house.
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    Beretta 92F 9mm/Twin Bersa "Thunder" .380's
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Benelli SuperNova in the corner next to the nightstand, my EDC .45 on the nightstand, 9mm for the wife in nightstand lock box, flashlight on nightstand. Noise at night means I grab flashlight and either the .45 or the shotgun (depending on the amount of noise), then the wife gets the 9mm.

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    I have a lot of firearms but when I go home and go to bed I take my carry gun a Kimber Ultra carry II LG and set it on my night stand. I carry this pistol all day and night. I practice with it more then the rest. I feel confident with it in my hands. That is what is more important then what it is .22 LR to 50 sw.What ever you can shoot well

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    I'm with wolfhunter I have a BENELLI 12 gage with a tac light mounted on the barrel and pressure switch on the forearm in the bedroom with a 9mm on the bedstand.
    The BENELLI works great on coons at the barn and they are pretty good eaten, I haven't tried a prowler yet.

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    Personally I like the fact that I have three large, loud dogs that sleep next to my bed, but who have free roam of the house at night. If someone gets into the house at night I have more than enough forewarning to grab the .357 off the night stand, turn on the flashlight and meet the BG with 200lbs of dog and 7 x125 gr of lead. I'm pretty comfortable with that combo.

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    I generally recommend a shotgun in the .410 size. Couple of good points, especally for a "family" type home.
    1. It will put someone down HARD in close range, and in CQB it is ALL close range.
    2. With bird shot, it will still put someone down HARD at close range....(see above) yet you don't have to worry about over penetration from one room to the next if you family is scattered throughout the house.
    3. If you are not home and it needs to be used by someone with a slight body build, say a wife? It will be easier to for her to re-engage after firing a round.
    4. Nothing is more intimidating to your standard bad guy than someone yelling "I have called the Police! I have a gun! *CLACK CLACK* Leave now!"
    5. It is easier to aim than a pistol, especially at night, in the dark, when you are VERY stressed, and your family is at risk.

    and the final one is...... IF you do use it, and IF you do get brought up on charges, having a big black Army Ranger Recon Seal Sniper looking shotgun makes it look like you were just waiting for the poor schmuck to break in so you could fill him with lead! A .410 will look like what it is. A shotgun, not the next bringer of death.

    I would also recommend completing the NRA Personal Protection In The Home course. Not a big deal, but it is one more thing to throw down in case you do end up in court. You carry a fire arm to be prepared, well you need to be prepared for after you use it as well.
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    2. With bird shot, it will still put someone down HARD at close range....(
    Apparently there is some controversy about that.

    The Box O' Truth #3 - The Shotgun Meets the Box O' Truth - Page 2

    Birdshot as a Defense Load
    I have had a lot of questions, summed up as follows: How effective is birdshot (#4, #6, #8, etc.) as a defense load?

    We have done tests with various birdshot loads. Birdshot penetrated through two pieces of drywall (representing one wall) and was stopped in the paper on the front of the second wall. The problem with birdshot is that it does not penetrate enough to be effective as a defense round. Birdshot is designed to bring down little birds.

    A policeman told of seeing a guy shot at close range with a load of 12 gauge birdshot, and was not even knocked down. He was still walking around when the EMTs got there. It was an ugly, shallow wound, but did not STOP the guy. And that is what we want... to STOP the bad guy from whatever he is doing. To do this, you must have a load that will reach the vitals of the bad guy. Birdshot will not do this.

    In fact, tests have shown that even #4 Buckshot lacks the necessary penetration to reach the vital organs. Only 0 Buck, 00 Buck, and 000 Buck penetrate enough to reach the vital organs.

    Unless you expect to be attacked by little birds, do not use birdshot. Use 00 Buck. It will do the job.


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    Grab a handgun in emergency.

    Just my preference

    It seems that one-hand operation should be assumed.
    This usually means a long-barrel handgun, with one safety max.

    A reliable revolver with sa/da for safe-ready or real-ready.
    A .38 special is usually enough.
    A semi only if you also have a bug with you.

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    I do agree with Oram Security I was a Hunter Safety Instructor and have spent alot of time with our County Game Protector.
    I always questioned his weapon of choice for quickly dispatching larger animals in a close and crowded situation.
    We had a deer in the local power plant inclosure and all the do gooders were trying to herd it to the nearest gate. In the attemp the deer broke it's leg and Tim was called. He brought his 12 gage full choke with #4 shot, I suggested my 22 rifle with hollow points I use to put down beef and hogs. To my surprise as the deer walked past Tim, one blast from the 12 ga. into the side of the deer killed it instantly, both lungs were totaly destroyed.
    With the tac. light fixed to the barrel and sighted in at about 15 yards, you don't have to aim, click the light on and you have a spit second to pull the trigger or not.
    I do agree with the *CLACK CLACK*, we were having alot of break ins locally and when they broke down the front door of my wife's cousins house late one night he grabbed his pump shot gun *CLACK CLACK* as he ran down the stairs, the intruder was gone in a flash.
    Than our local Sherrif announced on TV it is legal to shoot any intruder you find in your home.
    No more break ins.
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