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    Regardless of what ammo you're using for SD, you're supposed to ensure that you have an adequate backstop, so over penetraton shouldn't be an issue.

    Again, you are correct..... they are supposed to ensure they have an adequate backstop... but most people for HD dont. I have plaster walls for my bedroom since it is the designated "safe room" in my house. Solid wood door with metal frame and a deadbolt as well as a first aid kit that can handle a GSW.

    Situational awareness.... people need to make sure they are informed and then choose what works best for them and what their needs are.

    I have to admit, I have had this discussion on a couple of other forums and this is definitely one of the most well thought out and intelligent of those. Everyone has had very good points and they have been explainded in an intelligent manner.
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    I like the idea of a shotgun but my XD-45 is the goto firearm in case of an emergency.

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    An 80 lb American Bulldog that doesn't like uninvited guests and can snap a 3" branch with her jaw.....

    Oh and I prefer my SIG .22. If she doesn't kill 'em first.
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    i have a verity of things to use even semi autos but i would use a bolt action enfield jungle carbine that im very good with, here in ny self defence is touchy and something that would be your very last resort. since we sleep up stairs they would have to climb the stairs in the dark to get you and they would be very hard to miss with a bright flashligt attached to the barrel shinning on them there chance of even surviveing would be slim to non ,if theres a friend behind him he would get it also from the first shot,the bullet would go into the floor behind them at the bottom of the stairs as a safe backstop.the rifle itself also can be used if you remember your military training.

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