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    Wink Home Defense choice

    I have seval handguns and a couple of shotguns. My question is for general nighttime protection which would be the best defensive weapon to use.

    I know about the laser lights and how intimadating it can be but when you are coming out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night and the BGs are breaking down the door, what are you going to grab?

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    Some like shotguns because it is harder to miss the target. The problem is that if the BG is holding a family member it is hard to miss them too. You can not be surgically accurate with a shot gun. Also if you have to go room to room to clear your house a long barreled gun is a more easy target to grab. A hand gun can be kept close to the body. For these reasons I would pick a hand gun.
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    Staying within the OP

    IF they are breaking down the door - they are not in the house yet. You are coming awake from the noise. You can grab the shotgun or your handgun. Which one are you going to grab.

    You have a handgun that you can use to hit the target on the 10yd line and you are comfortable with it. You have the semi-auto or pump 12GA that is guaranteed to cover the entire door.

    Now do you go for the selective shots on a moving target or go for the sweeper and clear the doorway before they get into the house and possibly get into a gun fight.

    My self if I can contain them at the doorway or keep them out I'd go for the pump.

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    The Shotgun, the pattern will still be about the size of a quarter at in-house firefights. You need to practice, practice, practice.

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    Would grab me Glock 20 chambered in 10mm Auto off the night stand right next to me. She's got Meprolight night sites, loaded with Cor-Bon 165gr.10mm Auto JHP's rated at 1250/FPS and 537ftlbs..... no worries.

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    I keep a Springfield XDm-40 with an attached light/laser unit on the nightstand. I also keep 2 extra mags, a handheld light and my electronic ears in the partially opened nightstand drawer.

    The more I think about it, and the more reviews I read, the Taurus Judge with a mix of 000 buck and .45 long colt would really be ideal for this type situation.
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    I would say whatever you feel your most comfortable using under pressure. I know for me, the best weapon I can use in defending my life and the life of my families in my home is whatever firearm I can grab the fastest. I am not going to try to open my safe to grab a shotgun when my .45 is on the nightstand. I do love shotguns though...
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    I would say whichever one I can get to fastest. I have several pistols nearby.. some long guns a little further. depending on what I am doing at the time I would just go for the closest one. they should all be effective in at least scaring the crap out of whoever is trying to do bad... if not getting rid of them altogether.
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    Like most have said I think it depends on the scenario. I have both a 12 gauge and a pistol at the ready. If I hear the person outside, in the garage, or in the process of breaking in I'm grabbing the shotgun. One loud rack might be enough to send the would be robber running. If they make it in without waking me or all the way into the bedroom I'm going to grab my CDP. It's within arms reach, night sites, and easier to fight with if the would be robber catches me while I'm still in bed.
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    Exclamation I have both

    Mossberg 500 under the bed and HK USP.45 in the nightstand. I would rather rack a shotgun slide and have the BG bail back out of the same door or window he came in. (less mess to clean up and a whole lot better for the police report)

    If he persists and makes it past me and the Mossy, He still has to deal with the MRS. and the .45 and the dog (half coyote and all teeth).

    In our home the SOP is to stay in your room until dad/mom give the all clear. This cuts down on the possibility of accidently hitting a family member.

    I have yet to hear of a thief who sticks around after the solid kershack of a twelve ga. pump.

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