Vote for Nye County/Pahrump's Officer Murphy on AMW
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Thread: Vote for Nye County/Pahrump's Officer Murphy on AMW

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    Vote for Nye County/Pahrump's Officer Murphy on AMW

    This is my shameless pitch asking for your votes. Officer Murphy is the first responder at Terrible's Lakeside Resort and RV Park in Pahrump Nevada, called to a disturbance in the middle of the night, and was shot upon his arrival on the scene. He has since fully recovered and is back to full duty. Can we vote for him for AMW "All Star" award and show him how much we value his service to his community? You can vote once a day every day using the link below until the polls close. Thanks everyone. Much obliged.


    Deputy FTO Eric Murphy has been nominated for the Americas Most
    Wanted "All Star" award regarding his actions during the shooting at
    Terrible's Lakeside RV Park. For him to win you need to vote for him.
    You can do so once a day, every day, until it is over. The link to his
    page is bellow. Please vote for Murphy, he deserves it. | AMW All-Star Nominee Detail - Eric Murphy


    Friends, family, and co-workers of Officer Eric Murphy

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    Voted for him! I hope he wins!
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

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