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    Was at the local Wal-Mart doing a food run a few nights ago and got the lone two boxes of .357 Sig. No 9mm, no .45, no .40 SW, no .380, nothin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netentity View Post
    Ammo isn't the only thing in short supply. Reloading equipment is as well. Many dies and presses are back ordered 45 days or more at MidwayUSA.
    I finally got in most of my pistol carbide dies - so tired of lubing cases.

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    Wife just called me from Walmart, getting ammo sporadically.
    $14.47 for bulk 300 rounds of Federal 22 LR plinking ammo, they used to be 550 rounds for $14.47.
    Kids and I just went through 750 rounds this weekend?

    Hopefully the days of 2.6 cent 22LR aren't one for 5 cent.
    I really miss when I could go to K-Mart and buy $5 bricks.

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    I was starting to run low and hadn't bought ammo in a while. Scarce is an understatement, like non-existent. Took advice from a previous post and went online to Bass Pro. No 9, bought some 45 then got an e-mail it was back ordered. Forget about trying to find 9mm. Is this just a demand problem or is there something else going on? Any news? Who has inventory? wtf....
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    Just got back from my local Walmart, they have more rifle ammo than pistol ammo - a little bit of .270, some .30-06, but not a lot of either of those. Their Pistol ammo at present is 2 boxes of .357 Sig, and 1 box of 40 S&W. I don't have a gun in either of those calibers, so ... bleagh
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    Watertown, NY Gun shops have been looking bad. If I didn't know any better I would say the gun shops are getting out of the gun's and ammo business as empty as thier shelves are! I reload all mine and I order my shells, powder, primers, and lead online.

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    Got the last two 50-round boxes of 9mm FMJ ammo (PMC Bronze 124 gr.) at a local gun store. They had a very good supply of hollow point ammo, but very little range stuff. Got two 20-round boxes each of Federal Hydra-Shock 165 gr. JHP and FMJ. Nice.

    The local Academy had no ammo to speak of. Bass Pro and Wally World were the same story.
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    the wally world by my house has a 2 box per caliber limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by hk boy View Post
    the wally world by my house has a 2 box per caliber limit
    Ditto in Las Vegas...

    and they still have no common pistol or rifle ammo on the shelves...

    I check every day...

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    Hello everyone,

    I've read a bit & had a couple questions as well as a status report of my area.

    A couple/few weeks ago there was a bit on the news (fox i think) that there was an overall ammunition shortage including the military. As I recall I think it said there wasn't enough for our troops @ home and almost nil in reserve overall. I could be wrong or misunderstood it, but it also mentioned a brass shortage, and the possibility of brass actually being sold over sea's as scrap metal. Again I very well could be mistaking, but thats why I'm listing this does anyone know or can confirm any rock solid details of this topic?

    As far as the Tri-State area (TN,KY,VA) there is a "general" shortage on all military calibers plus .22. I frequent all the gunshops wal marts and even pawn shops in the 3 state area and its just sad. Wal-Mart in my area (I learned this by speaking to the department manager) is on a ration of sorts I don't know if its structured or not, but he said they haven't had more than 1 case (10 boxes) of bulk .22 delivered in a while. All 9mm,40S&W, and .45 stays sold out(none of the calibers lasting more than 1 day on shelves) Sadly, they have some of the hunting calibers left, i say sadly because the price is at least double. Furthermore there's an unprecedented shortage on certain firearms in the shops. All AR, AK and common military caliber firearms. Its a good day when you can see more than one AR in stock at a time. I know at least the firearms is a result of overwhelming demand, and while i understand it, doesn't make it any better. But I've been around the guns& ammo biz all my life (my father use to own a store) and I understand the way ammo companies work, something just seems out of place. I pray it gets better, for all our sake

    Anyhow just my thoughts, I'm delighted I found this site, and bid you all good day

    ~Lupine Nobilis~

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