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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohave-Tec View Post
    Strangest thing....Cabelas has been out of every single hand gun round for 6 weeks, except 40 caliber Speer Gold Dot. Which it has never run out of. That is so strange.
    ......and the Speer Gold Dot went away today as well.

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    bass pro has tons of ammo

    Bass Pro in Auburn NY has fully restocked with most handgun calibers of UMC and WWB ammo. I picked up 3 UMC 9mm bulk packs, $55 per box of 250.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffx View Post
    Bass Pro in Auburn NY has fully restocked with most handgun calibers of UMC and WWB ammo. I picked up 3 UMC 9mm bulk packs, $55 per box of 250.
    Fully restocked huh? Let us know how long that lasts. Might have to take a road trip to NY.
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    ... and people used to make light of my reloading 9mm as a waste of time ...
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    Went to 2 Walmarts this weekend.
    Rifle ammo starting to fill the shelves.
    Pistol ammo was still light but they both had some (love that 6 box limit).
    There were no 380 acp, 9mm, 357 mag, 38 spcl, or 45 acp.
    There were 40 S&W, 44 mag, 44 spcl and 32.

    BTW - the bulk ammo 22 LR was also in stock, 500 rnd HP Winchester.
    The Federals went to match grade down to 350 rnd but same price.

  7. Twin Cities, MN ... I haven't seen WWB or UMC in Wally World, Gander Mountain, Dicks, Fleet Farm (insert five other stores) in about four months. I can find premium defensive ammo at the LGS but of course I'm not going to be putting 100 rounds of $30.00 / 25 rounds downrange. I need cheap practice ammo.

    Obama gets into office, and the next thing I know I can't buy ammo.

  8. In AZ, ammo is more valuable than GOLD. You can't even get reloading supplies! My buddy calls around trying to find primers and gun powder... the prices are almost 2x that what it was in 2008!

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    this weekend i lucked out and found a few boxes of 40 cal blazer plinking ammo for 13 bux a box at wally world, would of grabbed them all but they had a 2 box limit per caliber, so i just got a couple, went back later and the last ones were gone, lol.

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    been visiting 4 wally world's daily for 8 weeks plus...

    picked up 2 boxes of .45 acp a few weeks ago and that's it...

    no common pistol, rilfe, or buck shot ammo...

    who would have thought lead would be worth more then gold?

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    I bought 10 boxes of 40 cal Blazer Brass a couple weeks ago at Wally World. It was $13 here too.

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