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Thread: Tight Ammo Supply

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRichards3 View Post
    thought this was about tight ammo supply ?
    Yeah, it is. Got any ammo? You can pay twice the price at Cabellas or camp out at WM waiting for the next shipment. I got lucky at Big 5 and Sports Authority couple times but I'm choking on the price. Also Sportsman's Warehouse.
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  3. 380 scarce....why?

    I used to think 380 was scarce because it was just being bought up like other calibers. But an editorial I read recently from an issue of Shot Gun News suggested that 380 production was being curtailed in favor of the other bigger sellers like 9mm, 45 ACP, 38spl, etc. That's because it's all made on the same production lines and the manufacturers want the biggest bang from their production runs (pun intended). So that supposedly leaves us guys with 9mm Kurtz scrounging around worse than others for their ammo. I did find, quite to my surprise, some Hornady Critical Defense cartridges about a month ago in south central VA. I was wanting some of that anyway and was surprised the store had it. Turns out that's ALL they had- something like a dozen or less boxes. I bought 2 @ $25/25 rounds. I fired off one magazine worth (7 rounds) from my Sig P232 to make sure all was well. No problems. But I have had to stop all practicing due to NO range ammo.

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    Found both 9mm and .40 range ammo at my favorite local gun shop yesterday. It made me so happy, I bought a new gun.
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    Yeah. I'm going to go waste about 200 rounds of 40 on Saturday. I'm going to sit on my 380 tho.

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    I hate it that I can no longer practice (off duty) due to not being able to afford ammo.

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    Looks like I hit the jackpot. I ordered 8 boxes (400rnds) of Remington .45 from Bass Pro Shop (BPS) about 3 weeks ago. I had a coupon for 20$ off. Of course it was back-ordered so I waited.

    I happened to be in the BPS in Myrtle Beach SC this week and picked up a 250 rnds of UMC they had in stock! Then I stopped by a local Walmart in Charleston and they had 3 boxes (150rnds) of Blazer Brass and I couldn't pass them up. But before I could cancel my back-ordered Rem from BPS they came in! So I am sitting on 800rnds of .45! Not to mention my self defense loads. If somethings happens the media will report I had an arsenal!

    Now I need to find some 9mm.

    Can't wait to get to the range. Call me a hoarder if you want.

    I don't remember exactly the prices but the BPS UMC were 20$ a box. The Remington's were something like 21.45 from BPS and the Blazers from Wally was 16.99.

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    Found 9mm and .45 ACP in both range and self defense loads at my local Bass Pro the other day.

    They were getting a new shipment the next day. The sales dude said the truck arrives at 9 a.m. and most of the ammo is gone by 10.
    My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

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    A little bit of stuff is starting to trickle in. I saw Speer Gold Dot 45 in 3 places today. 40 fmj is showing up pretty regularly. Now I just wish Velocitor 22 would come back around. LOL.
    I got my Utah Concealed Carrt today after 108 days of waiting.

  10. Bought 380 Thursday

    I got a heads up from my local gunshop that they were expecting some 380 Blazer range ammo. So, I went to the shop just before opening time and just "hung out". Turns out they hadn't received it yet. But after firing 50 rounds of another batch of target ammo they also had, the truck with the Blazer ammo rolled up. Bought me several boxes. This was my first full practice shooting since April due to the ammo supply problem.

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    I've stopped buying 9mm for now, and .40 I buy only to replace what I use. I have a couple hundred rounds of .380 now but it will last a while because the wife took that gun and she doesn't like to practice with it often.
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