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    Reason to Reload

    That's why I'm glad my Uncle taught me to reload years ago. Yes everything has went up in price, but it's still cheaper for those that shoot more often than once a week or those that shoot a lot on thier one day off than buying box ammo.
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    The Wall-Marts in the Springfield, MO area have had some ammo, on and off, for the past couple of months. Some of them almost always have some 9mm or .45ACP and some of them almost never have any when I am there.

    Glad that I also reload for .223, 45 ACP and .308. However, in the past two weeks, primers, powders, and projectiles have been very difficult to find. Varget and H335 is not to be found anywhere. Both of these powders are crucial to loading .308's and .223's.

    I have thousands of pieces of brass for the above calibers and nothing to stuff them with. :(

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    I've been searching for .380 practice ammo for over a month with no luck. I've had spotty success finding 9mm and .40. Most places all you can find is .25 auto.
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    found and bought a couple boxes of .45 at walmart over in the next town.. have not seen .45 there in quite a while.. so I had to buy whatever they had left of it.
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    In San Antonio, TX Bass Pro Shops cannot keep any 9 or .40 on the shelf. They are out of stock practically the day they set it out. The WMs are the same way. You need to go to the store the same day they stock or you will never see anything on the shelves!

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    I keep a few rounds around....
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  8. I really am surprised, as I have not had any issue finding ammo in Central VA. The range has been out of Gold Dot .40, but they are overpriced, anyway.

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    walmart had over 2000 rds of 9mm today a couple of 40s,and the bricks of 22s were gone where they had a bunch last week,cases of 12 ga there over loaded with it and its cheap.

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    I just picked up 500 rounds of 40 at my wal-mart, they've been hit or miss but I caught it right after they got a shipment in. They didn't have much of anything else. I also picked up a 50 box of JHP 135grain .40SW from doubletap, love'em.
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    I keep all my ammo in a cardboard box and out of curiosity I weighed it. 70 pounds of 9 mil ,22, 40, 45 ,44 mag and 7.62 nagant. I just bought a ruger sp101 357 today. .... gonna need a bigger box.
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