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  1. My local Walmart has NO handgun ammo. I am on the box a payday plan if I can find it. I have a 16 ga and 410 shotgun; that's not too hard to find. 22LR is tough! Hit and miss on finding 38sp and 44mag for my S&W. It's like going to the bad part of town looking for a fix. Probably easier to find drugs right now!

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    Walmart by my house has a bunch of 25, 22, 12 ga, cant find any 9mm or 40 S&W. Was able to pick up a couple boxes of 243 everytime I was at Walmart but now thats getting hard to find to! WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP?

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    Here in Oregon it's not really a big problem. The BiMart stores here have 40 and 45. Just have to stop in a couple times a week and they have a couple of boxes if you keep at it. Only Blazer at $16.00 but it's good practice ammo. Bought 3 boxes of 40S&W 180 and they had several 160's left.

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    Walmart in my town gets ammo in about twice a week. I've discovered that in order to have any chance of buying anything, you have to get there when they open. They've had people buying 15-20 boxes at a time. I noticed at the gun show this weekend that ammo dealers are selling 9mm blazer brass for $15 a box & .40 cal for $17 a box. (walmart sells it for $9.47 & $12.97 respectively) I have a feeling some of the large quantity buyers are re-selling. Oh well, that's capitalism (which is also a commodity in danger nowadays)

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    New guy from Las Vegas here

    I bought my first gun on Valentines day. I bought 3 more that week. Immediately I discovered there was an ammunition shortage. It has been my mission to fill a Kobalt tool box with ammunition and I've enjoyed the hunt; mostly. Anyway, in 6 weeks of gun ownership I've landed for my FN 40, 250 rounds of standard Remington JHP and 200 rounds of Winchester standard JHP, 40 rounds of Cor-Bon and 100 rounds of the new Winchester FBI stuff. I feel very fortunate to have been at Cabelas web site for the 15 minutes they had Golden Saber for my 380. I bought 250 rounds. I had 200 rounds of regular Remmington JHP as well. I was hugely pleased to jack-pot 75 rounds of Hornaday Critical Defense. I haven't seen a 380 FMJ sense the box they sold me with my gun. I still have 2 rounds and I'm saving those for mantle display. LOL.
    Thank God I've got shotgun shells and 22 calibers and that I live in the desert. I can plink and blow stuff up until the second coming but the defense rounds are locked away until war breaks out or Obama turns republican. hAHhAhaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrellM5 View Post
    I was in Reno, NV yesterday and I had a goal of picking up three 100 round boxes of WWB 9mm and three 100 round boxes of WWB .40 S&W along with five 20 round boxes of Hornady TAP 55gr. .223. After visiting Cabela's, Scheel's, Sportsman's Warehouse, The Gun Trader, 3 Wal-Mart's and Frontier Liquor in Fallon, I ended up with the 3 boxes of 9mm, no .40 S&W and one 20 round box of TAP. Also, out of all those stores, only one of the Wal-Mart's had any 550 round bricks of .22lr.

    I've decided to just order whatever I need online way in advance. If it takes 2 months to get here, so be it. I'll have ordered more during the wait anyhow.
    By now you've discovered that your back-orders are being canceled by the merchants.

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    New to the forum. Just got two boxes, 25 rnds each, of Hornady Tap 9mm for $17 a piece. Most stores by me are selling it for around $27 for a box of 25.

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    I just bought a 100 round box of regular Remington .380 JHP at Wal-Mart. At $35 with tax, my original thought was that I would shot it at targets out in the desert but remembered a buddy who has 5 rounds for his Walther. Needless to say, he scarfed it up at the offer. I have a stash of nasty rounds but I'd sure just like something I can waste on paper. I've only put 48 rounds through my Kel-Tec 380 and won't shoot the good stuff for fear I won't be able to replenish it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BGriff86 View Post
    Walmart by my house has a bunch of 25, 22, 12 ga, cant find any 9mm or 40 S&W. Was able to pick up a couple boxes of 243 everytime I was at Walmart but now thats getting hard to find to! WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP?
    The worse it gets the more people who are hunting for it and the more they will buy when they find it. Just ask me.

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    Reports from across the country confirm that gun owners seeking to stock up on ammunition are facing the same list of problems: shortages, back orders, elevated prices and a long line of people staring at empty shelves where boxes of bullets used to be.

    "Just about everywhere I've been, it's sold out," Darren Lauzon told KMGH-TV in Denver after he failed to find ammunition for his new .45 pistol. "Wal-Mart, Sportsman's, wherever."

    "Folks have been experiencing shortages all over the country," a spokesman for the National Rifle Association told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat in California. "Since the election there has been a great increase in firearms sales as well. Background checks are up, enrollment in training and safety classes is up, concealed weapons permits are up, gun sales are up – and ammo manufacturers can't keep up with demand."

    Gun shops and retailers agree: the press for ammunition is emptying their shelves quicker than the manufacturers can restock them.

    "We're probably selling ammunition right now at a 200 percent increase over normal sales," said Richard Taylor, manager at the Firing Line in Aurora, Colo.

    "We've probably got over 4,000 cases of ammunition on back order currently. But we just don't know when we're going to receive that," Taylor told KMGH. "Y2K was just like a little blip on the radar screen compared to this. I mean, it's just phenomenal."

    A Wal-Mart salesman told Ross Kaminsky of Human Events, "We used to get shipments almost every day. Now we only know we'll have it when we see it. I get at least a half-dozen calls a day asking for ammunition, especially for handguns, and when it arrives, the customers buy everything."
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