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Thread: Best 9mm Home Defense/Conceal Carry Round

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    Quote Originally Posted by brock samson View Post
    Whoa. Sorry Glock Fan. Didn't mean to offend you.

    I'm just looking for opinions on the best ammo so I can protect my wife and three small kids from an ever-growing threat. I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed more than you'd like. There are only 50-plus pages of threads I could have researched before I asked this tired old question.

    I figured getting info from usacarry forum members was better than getting it from the Wallyworld sales staff.

    You joined the board this month. I see you have approx. 11 posts. Rather than ask a question that has likely been asked by numerous others before you, why not use the "search" feature and see if you can find an answer there?

    These are a few threads that I found that had some very useful information after searching a few minutes. What's wrong with the opinion of the sales staff? They're working the ammo counter because they're the most knowledgeable people in the store, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrc1962 View Post
    Federal Hydra-Shock 124gr in my PT92 and the wifes CW9.
    +1 for Federal Hydra-Shock 124gr.

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    I use Winchester Ranger SXT.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    To be serious, I use either Hydrashock or Golden Saber for defensive loads in my 9s.

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    Any Premium quality hollow point will do the job quite well. Whatever you feel is best will be.
    For home defense coupled with safety, I would suggest Glaser Safety Slug or MagSafe.
    I use MagSafe Swat load

    Mag Safe Ammo - Pre-Fragmented Saftey Ammunition Handcrafted In The USA

    My out of home carry is usually Winchester 147 gr. SXT, but a lot of times I just keep the MagSafe.

    Some will argue that Glaser or Magsafe lack deep enough penetration.This may be true for shooting through windshields etc, but they offer quite sufficient stopping power for "Home Defense" situations. Others will say they will not function reliably or are not accurate due to their light bullets. This is a myth. I've wasted enough money buying and trying them to be able to say they are both very accurate and reliable. The only bad thing about either of them is the price. They are very expensive, but then again, "What's you family's life coupled with a little safety worth?

    Good Luck!!! Whatever you decide and are comfortable with will be the right decision regardless of what anyone says.
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    Here is what I have learned through research... and TRUST me, it has been alot of research!
    You have got some good options.. Winchester Ranger 127gr.+P+sxt, the Speer Gold Dot 124grt+P, and on the low cost end (and this one always works, no matter who you are) hollow point 147gr.
    You may want to check further into what I have stated, it is through my research like I said... but I am new here and others may know more through experience. Good luck to you!

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    Hornady TAPS and El dorado Star Fire.The main thing is make sure what you settle on feeds reliably in your gun. It makes no difference how well it expands if ever other shot jams your firearm.
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    I like the 230gr kind. They are a little fatter then most 9mm but I can get them to fit just fine in my 45

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    Corbon 9mm +P 115gr. DPX in my Kahr CW9, for better expansion in a 3" barrel.

    Corbon or Hydra-Shocks in my XDm-9.
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    I'll throw a new ammo into the mix DRT. (

    This ammo is sort of like glasser or other frangibles except it is actually a powdered metal compressed to make the slug that literally dissipates to dust on impact. It will not richochet, it will not penetrate hard surfaces, it is designed to stay together through soft surfaces such as clothing and penetrate but dissolves upon impact with flesh creating a HUGE wound and viturally guaranteed instant death.

    I personally have not had the opportunity to test it yet, but I want to. I do not really see it as carry ammo because it is too restrictive in its penetration in the field, however for in home use, I am thinking it may be the perfect "safety slug" with little chance of wall penetration, yet high stopping power on the intended target.

    It is apparently currently under military testing, hopefully more information will be forthcoming.

    By the way ... THANKS FOR ASKING! Information is always being updated and often new information is not shared until someone asks the same old question over again.

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