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Thread: Glock Shortage???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrc1962 View Post
    I really want a G19 for my wife. So the short list is now...

    G21 with night sights
    G19 preferably with night sights, but I'm flexible
    EOTech 512

    At least the list is getting smaller. :)
    I carry the G19 w/night sites and love it! Has your wife fired one yet? What does she think?

  3. She likes the G19. A little less kick than the Kahr CW9 she has now. The G19 is bigger than the CW9 she has now, but I think it's a better gun. The CW9 conceals well, but I think the G19 is a better balance between function and concealability.

  4. Glock Shortage

    The entire state of Oklahoma is out of the Glock 23 model and you cannot leave the state to buy a gun. People panicked when Clinton won the election but you need to be more concerned about the Supreme Court not a President.

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