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    Sadly, my bonus will be spent on going to Vegas with the Fiance......God I wish I could buy a new toy (or two). I too will be needing a larger safe this year. I like that Canon one you posted. Does it have alot of room for storage and hand guns?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by capo2186 View Post
    .God I wish I could buy a new toy (or two).
    I wish I were getting a bonus....

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    I'm in the same boat with my tax refund and the cash back from refinancing my house. Better spend it now because Obama is going to take it back next year.

    Already have bought much of my stuff.

    Three low shelf AR-15 lower receivers from Essential Arms; should be here by St Patty's Day.
    Reloading equipment, much of it is on back order from MidwayUSA.

    Looking at some uppers now.
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    I'm also expecting a bonus this year. First time in a few years, and probably the last time for a few years (given the economy). I wish that I could spend half on guns (it will be close to 5 figures, before taxes). I do intend to pick up at least a compact .45. I haven't decided what yet.

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    I got some tax return money too. Got an AK shipping to me, and a Dillon 550 B.

    BTW, if you don't have a gun safe yet, I would say that would be my first choice. Safety 1st bud.
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    Exclamation Rethink the bank, PB! Please!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    I'm going to banks half of it but would like to treat myself to something nice with the rest.
    I would very strongly encourage you to buy some metal, either in parkerized or gold

    Seriously, the dollars that you save today will be worth considerably less a year from now. If you buy some gold (the kind you hold in your hand, not gold certificates) you will be much better off a year from now.

    Congratulations on the bonus!!!
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    Well, guys and gals I spent a little of the bonus today. I posted pics in the long gun section. Check it out.
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    I too have a similar bonus coming and have decided to pay off my car...for now.
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