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    Received my CPL today. 58 days Total. Montcalm County, Michigan...
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    Taking longer than normal because of the amount of apps. It's a permit to transport a firearm, with no worries, that's it.

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    congratulations! glad to see another michigander getting a permit. stay safe!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Congrats! Safety in numbers.

    My brother in law just all of a sudden decided he wants to carry in NH. Bought his first pistol last night. He came to visit and asked me "What do you think about a Walther P22 for a first gun?" and I lifted my shirt tail and said "Like this one?" LOL
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    Thanks everyone.
    It feels great already.
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    Red face

    Great to see more Michigan CPL! Congrads From Oakland County
    Semper Fi

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