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    I E-mailed them and got this reply in case anyone else ever needs parts.

    We do not carry parts for the Crosman you may contact Crosman at 1-800-724-7486 for repairs and parts.

    Thank you

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    Then I went to Wallmart and stimulated the economy by purchasing a new one. I tested the old one on a phone book and got about 115 pages of penetration. The new one gives me 250 pages with 9 pumps.
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    Talking I've been thinking about an air rifle......

    ..... but i seem to be way behind the times.

    I haven't touched one since my childhood "Daisy" bb/pellet gun broke. When I started looking around (after reading this thread) I see that pellets have come a looooong way. Any recommendations on a real performer, both rifle and ammo? I would be looking for something that I can pump, as it would be used for small game hunting in a SHTF situation.
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    Not a Pump

    Although not a pump this is a great low cost target gun. The same company makes some very good
    low cost pumps.

    I have had this one for several years with no problems at all. And it loves critters. I was reluctant too get
    this at first because it was a brand i knew nothing about, but then they had a good sale and I went for it.

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    That's a great sight Dave posted. If you roam around in there you can learn a lot about the different types of pellet guns.
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