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Thread: Glock 17 or S&W MP 9

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    Glock 17 or S&W MP 9

    My department is changing from the Glock 17 to the Smith and Wesson MP 9. Maybe I dont like change or maybe I just lean toward the Glocks. What are yalls opinion on this: Glock 17 or S&W MP 9?

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    Have you received the Smitty yet?

    Try it, you'll like it!

    Sure the Glock has the Hollywood, glamour name, but I find the S&W much more comfortable in my hand.

    I think you will be happy.
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    The S&W has a lot more parts (potential for stuff to get lost or go wrong) and is a lot harder to clean. Good thing about the S&W is that it does come with the take down tool and the ability to change the size of the grip. My biggest gripe with the M&P is the trigger. That break in the middle tends to contribute to "flinching".

    They're both good guns, but you can all guess my choice.

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    I have two M&Ps one in 40c and one in 9mm I love both guns fits me well and both shoot like a champ. I do not think you can go wrong.
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    I would take my M&P9c over a Glock anyday, but then again I have never been a big fan of Glock. I think you're gonna like the M&P.

  8. My M&P40 is alot more comfortable to me than the Glock.

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    I would go for the XP M
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    The trigger on the M&P, IMO, is garbage. Then again, so is the GLOCK trigger.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Ryan H View Post
    The trigger on the M&P, IMO, is garbage. Then again, so is the GLOCK trigger.
    The trigger on a M&P can be cleaned up quite easily. Just a polish job will do wonders.

    How ever there is the debate of doing any mods how ever so slight to a service/duty weapon.

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